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Testimonials from Former Students

“The quality education I received from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell Chemical Engineering Department gave me the practical engineering skills to prepare me for a highly successful career in the Biotechnology industry. From the time I worked on my Plant Design projects in my senior year, I knew I would someday design and build production scale manufacturing facilities."

Joe Musiak - associate director, process engineering - Biogen Idec - Cambridge, MA

"My degree prepared me for a variety of roles in process engineering, including process design and development, product development, process equipment design, control systems installation, project engineering, and technical team leadership. I was better prepared both technically and in breadth of knowledge than most of my associates from other schools...Thank you Lowell!"

Pete Cowley, 1975

"After attending the University of Massachusetts Chemical Engineering program in Lowell, I found numerous engineering opportunities within the metro Boston area. To my surprise, I was qualified to work in industries such as Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Electronics and Semiconductor. After a 20 year career in Biotechnology and ownership of my own company which serviced this industry, I have realized that the Chemical Engineering Program from U-Mass, Lowell rivaled other university's more expensive programs and provided one distinct advantage. Lowell's program provided a real hands-on approach to the profession that I found to be missing in the new hires I have employed over the years that came from other Chemical Engineering programs."

Rick Couto, 1984