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Current Students


Internships and co-ops are a great way for students to gain valuable experience in workplace, especially with medical device, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. UMass Lowell will be working with local companies and M2D2 participants to identify co-op and internship opportunities to expand the knowledge base and put their classroom and team approach learning into action.

eNABLE Lowell

Supported by the DifferenceMaker program, eNABLE Lowell is a local chapter of a global nonprofit organization on the UMass Lowell campus that design and creates 3-D printed prosthetic devices for children around the world in need of artificial upper limbs. As members of this group, students learn about 3-D printing, laser cutting and the prosthetic design process.


As part of the B.S. program, students take part in two senior capstone projects while M.S. students conduct one capstone. The intent of the capstone is for students to synthesize course knowledge and experimental skills into a brief but detailed team-based, collaborative experimental study supervised by faculty which may include participation from industry representatives.

For Ph.D. students, research is an integral part of their doctoral program. Students typically align themselves with faculty members who funding available to support student research in their labs. Opportunities may also exist with outside industry sources.

Student Chapter of Biomedical Engineering Society

In 2017, the first incoming freshman Biomedical Engineering class started a Student Chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) at UMass Lowell. As a Student Chapter, BMES provides leadership opportunities, networking, publishing avenues, career guidance, Student Chapter awards and potential grant funding.