Project 2004


The Infrared toggle switch on music box Tuyen D Truong Private Individual, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, Lowell, MA
Voice Activated TV Remote Gladys Kirubi Private Individual
Learning Musical Device 揊un Box? Elias E Hassan

Daly High School Lowell , Ma

Pouring Cup for Disabled Mher Ketchedjian Special Education Department, Lowell High, Lowell,
Disabled Person Mohammand Ali Shah Yuka, Boston Homes, Boston, MA
Program Timer: X-10 Technology that provides a home automation to Adults with Rheumatiod Arthiritis William C Muldoon Sherrol Motta, VA Hospital, Lowell, MA
Color Recognition Toy: A Devise that Provides Audio and visual Stimulation to Children with Multiple Handicaps Parth Patel Coordinator: Lowell High School
Talking Clock: A Device that Teach Children to Know the Time Sammy Chan Meagan Leieberwirth, Daley Junior High School, Lowell, MA
The Bubble Lamp: A Devise that teaches cause and effect Edwin Corporan  Lowell High School, Department Of Special Education
The Talking Clock: A device used to teach children with multiple handicaps to read time from an analog clock David Harris Ms. Judy McGrath
Capacitive Proximity Switch Operated Radio and Outlets Stroke Daniel P. Hallahan Jen MacDonald, New England Pediatric Care, N. Billerica, MA
The Telephone Pad: A device that will be used to help with disabilities learn to dial their telephone numbers Jonathan S. Lilley Megan Leiberwirth, James S. Daly School, Lowell, MA
Joystick Controlled Tilting Mirror Alfredo I. Barriga Bonnie Pauline, Kennedy Day School, Brighton, MA 
The Musical Toy: A Devise that teaches cause and effect Stephanie Viera  Lowell High School, Department Of Special Education, Lowell, MA
The Disability Gym: A Devise that Provides Sensory Stimulation to Children with Multiple Handicaps Gregg Forsythe Private Indovidual
Baby Crying Alert Assaf Toledano D.E.A.F Incorporated, Allston, Massachusets
Association Station Timothy P Dineen Jr Bonnie Paulino, Kennedy Day School, Brighton, Ma 
Switch-activated Talking clock and Calendar: A device that provides assistance to people with Vision disability Nitin Goyal Lowell High School, Lowell, Ma
Play Along Music Center Andrew Vallario  Walter McGuire
The Moving Mirror: A Devise that Provides Mental and Physical simulation Jason Pina Megan Lieherworth
Voice Activated Bubble Mohammed Aman Bonnie Paulino, Kennedy Day Schoo
The Motorized Stander: A Devise Similar to a Motorized Wheelchair but Allows the User to stand upright John P. Thomas IV Francis Wyman Elementary School, Burlington, Ma
Video Switch: A Devise that Facilitates Monitoring Children Richard Nedder David Wade and Walter McGuire
The Wireless Wheelchair Table Switch Gerard Chua Jennifer MacDonald, New England Pediatric Care, Billerica, Ma
The Voice Activated Bubble Tower: A Snoezelen sensory product for visual stimulation and the relation between cause and effect Michael Pullano Private Individual Kennedy Day School Boston, Ma
Voice Operated Pinball Machine Private Individual
Automated Toothbrush Nicole DeCalogero Nashua High School Nashua, NH
The Five Sample Sound Recorder: A Devise That Allows Children Scines and Characters in Stories With Sounds John A. Alfeo Private Individual, Kennedy Day School, Brighton, Ma
The Talking Box: A devise that provide Audio communication to People with Speech Impairment Geoffrey T. Boak ECE Departmen
Voice Activated TV Remote Control Abdel K. Diagne Jason Guisse
Developmental Electronic Toy: A toy that helps fine motor skills for children with disabilities Michael Michalik Megan Lieberwirth, Daley Middle School, Lowell, Ma 01854
Talking photo album: An album capable of recording and playing various message pertaining to a single image, that is signaled via a page detection system Abbas J. Choudhry Dr. T. Opperman, Lowell High School Intensive Needs Program, Lowell, Ma
Voice activated speakerphone: a devise that lifts up and hangs up telephone by voice Bishal Nepal  Umass Lowell
Shape Pro: A Shape Sorter with User Recordable Messages and LED Blinking Acitvity Antonios Bousios Dr. T. Opperman, Lowell High School Intensive Needs Program Lowell, Ma
VoiveNav: A devise that provides an indoor Navigation for the Visually Impaired Yichi Au, Ting Jen, John Wong Private Individual, Lowell, Ma
Fiber Optics Light Rejane Smith Bonnie Paulino, The Kennedy Day School, Brighton, Ma
The Motorized Stander: A device similar to a motorized wheelchair but allows user to stand upright Philip L. Sliney II  Francis Wyman Elementary School, Burlignton, Ma
Radio contolled toy wheel chair with speed control Sharbei Azzi Lowell High School Rm#418, Lowell Ma