Project 2003


Sound activated carouselNha TranKennedy Day School , Boston, Ma
voice record and play back device: a device to permit communication for children with multiple disabilitiesSamia ElasriBonnie Paulino, Kennedy Day School, Boston, Ma
Enlarged Telephone Keypad: provides keypad (9?*12?) to physically and mentally challenged peopleKrishna UpadhyayPrivate Individual, Kennedy Day School, Brighton, Ma
sound activated running light chaserCarlo BuisserethBonnie Paulino, Kennedy Day School
Development of voice recognition system on remote controlled speakerphoneVikad shahMike C
Rminder-Meds, A device for stay at home patientsJonathan P . Murray
voice controlled wheelchair with Obstacle and drop-off detection and avoidanceJeffrey J Sawyer.3
voiceNav: a devise that provides an indoor navigation for the visually impairedYichi Au, Ting Jen, John WongDana Bernor, Lowell Ma
the pressure activated light pad ( PALPad): A Devise that Provides visual stimulation to children with multiple handicapsAkhuemose OtezeTracey ruth, Lowell High School, Lowell Ma
voice activated environment control systems ( Ece)Monika PatelCindy Tatelmand from commission of Disabilities
The Miniature Golf PutterJeff GraciaSeven Hill Groton in Gorton Massachusetts