Project 2002


Voice Activated Enviromental Control System usgin DSPAron Bellorado
usgin DSPDennis Bretton
Voice Controlled Toy CarRichard Bukulu
Sensory System for the blindRichard Castle
Voice Activated Remote ControlVatanak Chan
Infrared Wireless Communications (w/ Prof. Thompson)Bouchaib Cherif
Voice Activated Remote ControlRichard Clocher
Voice Activated CalculatorRafael Diaz
Personal Recovery SystemDanilo Garcia
Scott Gelinas
Voice Activated CalculatorKatherine Gerish
Enviromental Control using Voice Activated Remote ControlBabak Haghayegi
Voice Activated ECS (with James Molloy)Brian Hall
Voice Activated CalculatorLingxuan Han
Wandering Patient DetectorSmitha Kamineni 
Voice Activated ECSBong Gon Kim
Tickle-Me-Elmo Toy ModificationCedric Kimaru
Solar Power SystemZarchary King
Toy ModificationTomoko Koyama
Text to Speech SystemMax Kupchik
Timer Controlled ApllianceBhavana Mangal
Voice Controlled Entertainment CenterPuneet Mangal
Voice Activated CalculatorVictor Martinez
Voice Activated SwitchMax Mathieu
Voice Activated Calculator using JavaManoj Hohanan
Voice Activated ECS (with Brian Hall)James Molloy
Emergency Positioning SystemJohn Mulligan
Voice Activated Elevator PanelChad Nagle

Himansu Patel
Voice Activaed ECS using Dragon/FirecrackerSohilkumar Patel
Mark Ramos
Voice Recognition System on TI DSPPezhmon Sadjady
Jacob Scott
Voice Activated Remote ControlZi Ang Tan
Voice Activated TV Remote ControlGargi Vaidya
Voice Activated Toy RobotThanh Son Vo