Hands Down, Sit up Straight (HDSS)

Hands Down, Sit up Straight (HDSS)

Hands Down, Sit up Straight (HDSS)

Feedback/ Correction Device

Designer:  Shawn P. Garvey 

Client: Leon, Ferryway Middle School, Malden, MA 


            “Hands Down, Sit up Straight” is designed to provide correction when a person with autism misbehaves. This device simply detects arm motion and tilt angle and will then play a prerecorded message. A proximity sensor and a tilt switch sensor are used in this system, which detects motion up to 24 cm away and what angle the ball is at and as consequence, a message will be played. The system can store up to 40 seconds of total recording and playback time. Different messages are played according to the memory address selected by the pin voltage to be low or high. The chips use ±5 volts power supply. Hands Down, Sit up Straight will give out positive feedback to help correct misbehaviors.

Hands Down, Sit up Straight

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