Amuse-Sing (AS)

Amuse-Sing (AS)

Amuse-Sing (AS)

Designer:  Pichetrathanak Chim  

Client: Celina Meilak & Rebecca Flynn Ferryway School, Malden, MA 


            Amuse-Sing aids a young Autistic girl in verbal communication. The device accomplishes this by appearing in the form of a stuffed animal which plays music and dances when the girl provides the correct answer to a song selection.

         The device is based on similar electronic toys. It consists of an electronic circuit powered by batteries. This circuit was housed on a plastic frame, which simulates a dancing movement via a series of gears connected to a DC motor. Then on top of the plastic was a soft, fuzzy exterior with the likeness of a teddy bear.

Amuse-Sing  Amuse-Sing 

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