Assistive Technology


The Assistive Technology Projects require adaptation to the existing technology or design of new devices to meet the specific needs of a disabled person. Requests for these devices come to the Department of Electrical Engineering from Special-Care institutions, Rehabilitation Facilities, and Private Individuals across New England. 

"We Work on Real World Solutions to Real World Problems for the Disabled." 
-director Professor Donn A. Clark 

Our clients are disabled people. The students talk with them, interact with them, and are motivated by them. The way the students interact so successfully and naturally with their clients, it may be changing people perception of Engineers. 

Students have already developed at no cost to the client a number of devices that improve the quality of life for the disabled. One successful project, a voice-activation system, allows a quadriplegic man to turn his lights on and off, regulate the temperature, and gives him a great deal more control over his home environment. 

Our projects serve the needs of disabled individuals and clients from organizations such as the Franciscan Children's Hospital, the Perkins School for the Blind and Citizens Leagues for Adult Special Services. 

Samples of some of our "deliverables" include:

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