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Symposium word cloud with diversity as the largest word. The 21st Meeting of the College of Education's Symposium on Research, Policy, and Practice thrusts presenters and attendees into the longstanding, controversial, and increasingly consequential debate about the value of teachers education by responding to the question: Do education schools matter? We respond in the affirmative: Education schools do in fact matter.

The 22nd Meeting of the College of Education's Symposium on Research, Policy, and Practice - now the Panasuk Symposium - takes up pressing and persistent challenges related to equitable schooling opportunities for all students, specifically as those challenges relate to a need for greater racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity in teaching. The keynote address, the panel discussions, and the school presentations are intended to inspire - to provoke - new thinking and a commitment to action among the wide range of stakeholders who attend the event. What would it take to diversify the teaching force and why does it matter?

our keynote

Dorinda Carter Andrews, Ed.D., Assistant Dean of Equity Outreach Initiatives for the College of Education, Michigan State University, 

Panel members

Heather Peske, Ed.D., Associate Commissioner, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Noah Rubin, Ed.D., Elementary Education Program Director, Wellesley College
Jesse Solomon, M.Ed., Executive Director, Boston Teacher Residency Program
Cleti Cervoni, Ed.D., Associate Dean, Salem State University
Dana Brown, M.Ed., Executive Director, High School and Community Partnerships, Bunker Hill Community College

This free event will be held on Thursday, October 5, 2017 from 4-7 p.m. at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Inn and Conference Center. Reserve your seat by contacting: