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pic 24Teachers and community mentors can incorporate this project into their science, social studies, or art curriculum. Interdisciplinary approaches are highly encouraged. When implementing this project with students, teachers and mentors should:

  1. Review the science of climate change (see resources) and be prepared for students' questions.
  2. Encourage students to express their ideas in the project but ensure that their ideas are scientifically valid.
  3. Promote discussion between students and between students and parents.
  4. Remind students that all creative work should be their own.
  5. Become familiar with the technical requirements and the evaluation criteria so as to guide student work to a successful submission.

To support effective learning about climate change and each of the four questions posed in this year’s competition, we have included additional teaching and learning resources for you to use.

Because the required size of the canvas is 24 inches by 9 inches, you can use one 24" by 36" poster board or paper and cut it into four 24 x 9 inch pieces. The canvas size may be adjusted for individual student needs as long as a ratio of 3:1 (width to height) is maintained. For specific exceptions, please contact us.

More for teachers: