Our changing climate presents one of the most important challenges of the 21st century. Science helps us understand how the atmosphere has changed over time and how the future climate might impact our lives. Now, it’s your chance to teach others about the science of climate change through art. For our 7th annual climate change artwork competition, we are asking young artists to address one of the following prompts with their artwork

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Step 2: Legal agreement (Completed by Teacher or Parent)
All participants must complete this step. Your child in grade has been invited to participate in a program offered by the University of Massachusetts through its Lowell and Boston Campuses, titled, "Cool Science" and hosted by Professors Jill Lohmeier, and Robert Chen. As part of the program your child may create art work that will be turned in to the University of Massachusetts. The art work may be used, copied, distributed, and displayed in any manner, including in public venues inside and outside the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, such as public buildings and public transportation, over the Internet, in publications or any other media. The art work may also be placed on items such as coffee mugs and t-shirts which will then be sold to raise funds to continue the program. The artwork may also be used along side logos of sponsoring organizations, businesses, and/or individuals. Please sign below to indicate that you give permission to the University of Massachusetts to copy, distribute, display and other wise use the art work. You agree that your child's first name and grade level (but not his/her last name) may be used to acknowledge his/her authorship of the art work. You understand that the art work will not be returned to you or your child. You further understand that University of Massachusetts is in no way obligated to use the art work and that neither your child nor you will receive any compensation for the rights granted in this release. You understand that your child has the right to not participate in this competition even if you have given him/her permission.
"For teachers and parents who wish to have a hard copy, the agreement is available in pdf format."
Step3: Submit your artwork (Select A or B)

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B) Print out, complete, sign, and tape The General Release (pdf) to the back of the artwork and then mail it to the address below. Cool Science University of Massachusetts Lowell 535 O'Leary 61 Wilder Street Lowell, MA 01854 Please send questions to coolscience@uml.edu.
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