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Criteria for Evaluating Entries

Each entry will be judged by a panel of experts in the field of informal science learning, marketing and communication, art, and education. While art evaluation is not a science, the following rubric should provide a meaningful guide to review the quality of your work prior to submission.

Criteria 5 3 1
Question Answered It is clear which of the three main questions is being addressed in the art. It is unclear which of the three questions is being addressed in the art. The work appears to not address any of the three questions from the project.
Creativity & Aesthetic Appeal Artwork is pleasing to the observer Use of color, lines, shapes, and mediums is innovative and/or effective. Artwork is somewhat pleasing to the observer. Use of color, lines, shapes, and mediums reflects some thought and innovation. Artwork is not pleasing to the observer. Little use of the basic tenets of the visual arts.
Scientific Accuracy Directly incorporates scientific concepts into presentation. Scientific content is consistent with current research. Indirectly uses scientific concepts in presentation. Some scientific content is inconsistent with current research.  No use of scientific content in presentation or if present is erroneous.
Limited use of Words Work contains a reasonable number of words that are clearly readable. Work contains either too many words or some words are illegible. Work has too many words and is illegible
Engaging Presentation draws the viewer to the art. Presentation is somewhat interesting to the viewer. Presentation is easily ignored by viewer.
Clarity of Message Communication and intent of art is clear. Communication and intent is somewhat clear. Communication and intent of art is unclear to the viewer.