The one important lesson we learned from the initial year of Cool Science was the importance of supporting teacher learning about climate change and effective methods for engaging students in this important topic. The purpose of this online mini-module is two-fold:

  • Shore up teacher understanding of climate change science
  • Provide ideas, strategies, and suggestions on how to incorporate Cool Science into existing curriculum and subject areas.


Whether you are an elementary classroom teacher, an art teacher, or a secondary science teacher, understanding climate change science is crucial to the success of this project with students.  While we did receive nearly 600 entries during the first year of Cool Science, more than a third were immediately rejected from further consideration because they contained inaccurate scientific conceptions. The most important thing you can do to help your students develop successful works of art is to ensure that the science they communicate is accurate. This mini-module is designed to get you started in the right direction and should serve as both a review and a continuance of your own education about the climate.

The tasks in this mini-module are intended to help answer the questions posed by this competition.