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Step 1

Please choose one of the following four questions to address in your artwork. Each question is followed by a brief discussion to get you started.

1. How are plants in your community affected by climate change?
Climate Change (or Global Warming) is often thought of as a problem happening far away. However, you and your family are most likely seeing some of the effects of climate change on plants in your local community. You should consider the ways plants in New England are being impacted by climate change. You will want to review The New New England.     

2. How is a changing climate affecting extremes in weather in New England?
The history of scientific research is rich and interesting. Since the late 19th century, scientists have been gathering evidence about a warming earth. To date, the preponderance of evidence collected strongly indicates that the earth’s climate is warming due to human activity. More specifically, our society’s use of fossil fuels for energy has thrown an abundance of heat trapping carbon gases into the atmosphere producing a greenhouse effect. Lines of evidence include: 800,000 year old ice cores, military research into carbon’s heat trapping properties, carbon cycle, ocean chemistry, migratory changes, and much more.  You and your family are most likely seeing how climate change is affecting extremes in weather in New England. You will want to review The Changing Northeast.   

3. What can you do to be ready for more extreme weather events?
A visible impact of climate change is the intensifying weather-related events such as hurricanes, heat waves, droughts, wild fires, floods, and winter weather. Such extreme weather events have ripple effects on communities. Think about how you and your family can be prepared for extreme weather events.  You will want to review literature on mitigation and adaptation strategies such as Preparing for the StormClimate Change and Extreme Heat, and Responding to Extreme Weather.  

4. What technologies are being developed to reduce the impacts of climate change?
Solutions to the problem of Climate Change (or Global Warming) are often thought of as elusive or impossible.  However, people and organizations are developing technologies right to help reduce the impacts of climate change.  You should consider what actions are being taken.  A Google search on “technological solutions being developed to reduce climate change” will produce an array of websites to explore.