PK-12 Outreach

School Partnership Projects

University faculty engage in projects with students and teachers throughout Middlesex and Essex counties. Currently at the request of partner districts and UMass Lowell faculty, much work is focused on science, technology, math and engineering education (STEM).  Faculty have also been involved in several Teaching American History projects which bring university scholars together with K-12 teachers to deepen knowledge about this subject.  We continue to assist area schools in improvement of student readiness for college success, through faculty engagement with teachers on curriculum as well as dual enrollment courses.  For more information visit our School Partnership Projects website or contact Marjorie Dennis.  Phone: 978-934-4666 E-mail: 

Superintendents' and School Leaders' Forum

(From L-R: David Troughton, Andrew Harris, Anita Greenwood, Alex Ruthmann, Judith Boccia, Sheila Kirschbaum, Fred Martin, Doug Prime.)

One of the ways in which we disseminate information and share expertise is through a forum held several times each semester.  Topics of direct relevance to school leaders are discussed, with presentations given by regional experts.  For more information about the forum, contact