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In-service Teachers

PETALLs provides a 12-credit graduate certificate in ESL

Certificate Courses

  • Second Language Acquisition and Assessment
  • Methods of Sheltered English Content Instruction
  • Teaching Reading and Writing in English to English Language Learners
  • 150-hour Practicum Teaching ELLs (in the teacher’s classroom)


  • Preparation for ESL licensure
  • Apply credits to a Master’s degree or Educational Specialist degree at UMass Lowell
  • Reduced Tuition: Pay only 1/3 of course cost
  • Eligible for LPS tuition reimbursement

Teachers who earn ESL licensure do not need to take the RETELL course. If you are an interested LPS teacher or if you know another LPS teacher who would be a good candidate, please contact Laurie Hartwick.

PETALLs provides a lesson plan/resource page on teaching ELLs

For more information, please visit the UMass Lowell - Lawrence Public Schools PETALLs resource website.