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MinJeong Kim

Minjeong Kim

MinJeong Kim, Graduate School of Education

Associate Professor, Language Arts and Literacy
O'Leary 529

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Education, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

M.A. Special Education, Concentration in Language and Communication Disorder, Dankook University, Seoul, Korea

B.A. Special Education, Concentration in Deaf Education, Dankook University, Seoul, Korea



2006, S. Y., Kim, M. J. & Kim, Y.W. Conceptualizing early childhood literacy for literacy education of children with special needs. Korean Journal of Special Education, 41 (1), 183-214.

2002, M. J. & Kim, Y. W. Story grammar, writing strategies and text knowledge in hearing impaired children with different levels of writing proficiencies. Korean Journal of SpecialEducation, 37, (3). 143-170.

Works in Progress:

  • Kim, M. J. & Bloome, D. Conceptions of intertextuality and reading in classrooms; A review of recent research.
  • Kim, M.J., Katz, L., & Newell, G. Reconceptualizing genre development as language socialization in urban preschool children’s oral and written narratives.
  • Kim, M.J., Katz, L., & Sanders, C. Social construction of intertextuality of deaf children during literacy events: A micro-ethnographic study on written narrative development of deaf children. 
  • Kim, M. J. Young children’s collaborative construction of written narratives in an inclusive setting: Implications for literacy curriculum.