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Johanna Tigert

Johanna Tigert
Johanna TigertAssistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

Research Interests

Best practices for multilingual learners; Heritage language speakers and education; Sociocultural contexts for second language acquisition; Teacher education


  • Ph D: Language, Literacy, and Social Inquiry, (2017), University of Maryland - College Park, Maryland
    Supporting Area: Applied Linguistics
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Building Block of the World, Building Block of your Identity: Multilingual Literacy Socialization of Heritage Language Learners
  • MA: Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages, (2004), University of Notre Dame of Maryland - Baltimore, Maryland
  • BA: Russian Language and Culture, (2001), University of Eastern Finalnd - Joensuu, Finland
    Supporting Area: minors in Education and Finnish Language & Literature
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Творчество Анастасий Вербицкой и анализ характеров главных героин в её рассказе «Мотыльки»


A native of Finland, Dr. Tigert has called the United States home since 2001.

Selected Publications

  • Peercy, M.M., Kidwell, T., Lawyer, M.D., Tigert, J., Fredricks, D., Feagin, K., Stump, M. (2019). Experts at being novices: What new teachers can add to practice-based teacher education efforts. Action in Teacher Education, 1-22.
  • Tigert, J., Groff, J., Martin-Beltrán, M., Peercy, M.M., Silverman, R. (2019). Exploring the pedagogical potential of translanguaging in peer reading interactions (pp. 65-87). Routledge
  • Tigert, J., Kirschbaum, S. (2019). How museum teachers scaffold emergent bilingual learners’ meaning-making during field trips. Journal of Museum Education, 44(4) 439-447.
  • Colombo, M., Tigert, J., Leider, C.M. (2019). Positioning teachers, positioning learners: Why we should stop using the term English learners. TESOL Journal, 10(2) e00432.
  • Tigert, J., Armstrong, A.A. (2019). Teaching for diversity online: A teacher educator’s perspective (pp. 1-19). IGI Global
  • Peercy, M.M. (University of Maryland), Tigert, J., Feagin, K. (University of Maryland), Kidwell, T. (University of Maryland), Fredricks, D. (University of Maryland), Lawyer, M.D. (University of Maryland), Bitter, M. (University of Maryland), Canales, N. (University of Maryland), Mallory, A. (University of Maryland) (2019). “I need to take care of myself”: The case for self-care as a core practice for teaching (pp. 303-325). Information Age Publishing
  • Kidwell, T. (University of Maryland), Budde, C. (University of Maryland), Guzman, N. (University of Maryland), Tigert, J., Lawyer, M.D. (University of Maryland), Peercy, M.M. (University of Maryland) (2018). ESOL teacher candidate evaluation through edTPA. Information Age Publishing
  • Tigert, J., Peercy, M.M. (2018). Preparing to teach both content and language: Four ESOL teacher candidates' experiences. TESOL Journal, 9(3) 542-556.
  • Colombo, M. (UMass Lowell), Tigert, J., Leider, C.M. (Boston University) (2018). The state of teacher preparedness to teach emergent bilingual learners (41:1). MATSOL Currents
  • Tigert, J. (2018). Vanilla sauce and songs: literacies in a heritage language school. Language, Culture and Curriculum, 33(1) 100-113.
  • Tigert, J., Kidwell, T. (University of Maryland), Guzman, N.L. (University of Maryland), Lawyer, M. (University of Maryland), Peercy, M.M. (University of Maryland) (2018). “It took my knowledge to the limits”: The edTPA teacher performance assessment and its implications for TESOL. Teacher Learning and Professional Development, 3(1) 19-28.
  • Tigert, J.M. (2017). Ulkosuomalaisten lasten luku- ja kirjoitustaitojen kehittyminen suomen kielellä [The development of Finnish reading and writing skills in expatriate Finnish children]. Kieli, koulutus ja yhteiskunta.
  • Tigert, J., Martin-Beltrán, M., Peercy, M.M., Silverman, R.D. (2017). Using digital texts vs. paper texts to read together: Insights into engagement and mediation of literacy practices among linguistically diverse students. International Journal of Educational Research, 82 135 - 146.

Selected Presentations

  • Dialects in heritage language education: Continued tensions - ACTFL Annual Conference, 2019 - Washington, DC
  • How museum teachers facilitate emergent bilingual learners’ meaning-making during field trips - AERA, 2019 - Toronto, ON
  • Trilingual families’ heritage language ideologies. - ACTFL Annual Conference, 2018 - New Orleans, LA
  • Agency in students’ negotiation of heritage language learner identities - NABE, 2018
  • Understanding of positionality and improved dispositions for teachers of emergent bilingual students - TESOL, 2018
  • Common language, common practice: Core practices as a guiding framework for novice teacher EL pedagogy - AERA, 2017
  • Multilingual chit-CHAT? How social and material factors foster classroom translanguaging interactions - AERA, 2017
  • Vanilla sauce and poetry: Culturally embedded literacy in a heritage language classroom - AERA, 2017
  • Heritage language teachers' language ideologies - International Conference on Language Teacher Education, 2017