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Johanna Tigert

Johanna Tigert
Johanna TigertAssistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

Research Interests

Effective literacy instruction for English language learnersHeritage language speakers and educationSociolinguistic contexts for second language acquisitionPre-service teacher education in TESOL


  • Ph D: Language, Literature, and Social Inquiry, (2017), University of Maryland - College Park, Maryland
  • MA: Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages, (2004), University of Notre Dame of Maryland - Baltimore, Maryland
  • BA: Russian Language and Culture, (2001), University of Eastern Finalnd - Joensuu, Finland
    Supporting Area: minors in Education and Finnish Language & Literature
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Tvorchestvo Anastasii Verbichkoj i analiz kharakterov glavnyh geroin' v ee rasskaze "Motyl’ki"[The works of Anastasia Verbichkaya and a character analysis of the main heroins in her short story “Motylki”]


Languages - English German Estonian Finnish Russian Swedish


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