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Elizabeth Bifuh-Ambe

Elizabeth Bifuh-Ambe is an Associate Professor, Language Arts & Literacy in the College of Education at UMass Lowell.
Elizabeth Bifuh-AmbeAssociate Professor, Language Arts & Literacy
  • College
    College of Education
  • Department
  • Phone
    (978) 934-4606
  • Office
    Coburn Hall - 207 E
  • Email

Research Interests

Literacy Development and Assessment (k-12), English as Second Language (ESL/EL), and Multicultural Education.



  • Ph D: Education, (2005), University of Southern Mississippi - Hattiesburg, MS
    Supporting Area: Language Arts and Literacy
  • MA: Education: Curriculum and Instruction, (2001), University of Southern Mississippi - Hattiesburg, MS
    Supporting Area: Reading Instruction
  • Other: Education, (1985), University of Yaoundé, Ecole Normale Superieure - Yaoundé, Cameroon
  • BA: Modern Letters, (1983), University of Yaoundé - Yaoundé, Cameroon

Selected Awards and Honors

  • American Association of University Women, Massachusetts:Honorary Member (2008), Leadership
  • Division of Students' Affairs Recognition/Distinction (2008), Teaching - UNCW
  • Division of Students' Affairs Recognition/Distinction (2007), Leadership - UNCW
  • The Afro-American Student Organization Award for Academic Excellence (2003), Leadership

Selected Publications

  • Bifuh-Ambe, E. (2020). Harnessing the Transformational Potential of Education to Meet National and Global Developmental Needs of Southern Cameroons: Re-Thinking Theory and Practice. Theory & Event, Published by Johns Hopkins University Press .Vol. 23, ( 2), pp. 445-463.
  • Bifuh-Ambe, E. (2013). Developing Successful Writing Teachers: Outcomes of Professional Development Exploring teachers’ perceptions of themselves as writers and writing teachers and their students’ attitudes and abilities to write across the curriculum. English Teaching: Practice and Critique, 12(3).
  • Bifuh-Ambe, E. (Paula Burnes), (2011). Through the eyes of the other: A pre-service teacher’s journey towards multicultural competence. Networks: An Online Journal for Teacher Research., 13((1)) 1-10..
  • Bifuh-Ambe, E. (Reid-Griffin, Angelia ) (2010). ). Testing the thrill of technology: Pre-service teachers’ perceptions of paper-and-pencil versus computer-based concept mapping. Journal of Technology Integration in the Classroom,, , 2((1), ) 37-46.
  • Bifuh-Ambe, E. (2009). Literacy skills acquisition and use: A study of an English language learner (ELL) in a U.S. university context. Adult Basic Education and Literacy Journal, 3(1) 24-33.
  • Bifuh-Ambe, E., Reid-Griffin, A. (2009). Using Concept Maps in Instructional Planning: An Innovative Approach to Teaching Pre-service Educators. Southeastern Teacher Education Journal, 2(2) 167-179.
  • Bifuh-Ambe, E. (2007). Inviting Reluctant Adolescent Readers into the Literacy Club: Some Comprehension Strategies to Tutor Individuals or Small Groups of Reluctant Readers. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 50(8) 632-639.
  • Bifuh-Ambe, E. (2007). The Process of English Language Acquisition and use of Content Area Literacy Strategies| A Case Study of English Language Learners (ELLs) at the University Level.
  • Bifuh-Ambe, E. (2006). Fostering Multicultural Appreciation in Pre-service Teachers through Multicultural Curricular Transformation. Teaching and Teacher Education, 22(6) 690-699.
  • Bifuh-Ambe, E. (2004). Content area reading: A study of an English Second Language college student. Journal of Content Area Reading. Content Area Reading Special Interest Group International Reading Association , 3((1)) 37-69..

Selected Presentations

  • Africa-Diaspora Meaning-Making Research Initiatives Methodology and Scholarly Writing Workshops - CODESRAI, 2019 - Kigali, Rwanda
  • Harnessing the Transformational Power of Education in Sub-Saharan Africa, to Meet Local and Global Needs - National Association of Multicultural Education, 2019 - Tucson, Arizona

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Global Trade, Social Justice and Community Development: The Campus in the City and the World. (), Grant - UML
    Ambe, E. (Supporting), Bifuh-Ambe, E.
  • Joseph P. Healy Endowment Grant (), Grant - UML
    Ambe, E. (Co-Principal)
  • Service Learning mini-grants (), Grant - UMass Lowell
    Ambe, E. (Principal)
  • Service Learning mini-grants (), - UMass Dartmouth/Lowell
    Ambe, E. (Principal)
  • Preparing Excellent Teachers for All Language Learners (PETALLs) (2012), Grant -
    Bifuh-Ambe, E. (Co-Principal)
  • Tewksbury and UML K-12 Literacy Instruction Partnership for Professional Development (2009), Grant - Massachusetts Department of Secondary and Elementary Education
    Bifuh-Ambe, E. (Principal), Kim, M.J., Simmons, J.W.,
  • E-Learning (PT3) Grant for Designing and using Web-enhanced Instructional Materials for Reading Foundations K-6 (2005), Grant - Watson School of Education, UNCW
    Bifuh-Ambe, E. (Principal)