Graduate School of Education

Scholarships and Awards


Matthew Ford-Lomeier Picture
Katy Covino-Jay Simmons Picture
Matthew Ford 
with Dissertation Chair Jill Lohmeier
Outstanding Dissertation Research
Katy Poutasse Covino
with Dean Anita Greenwood and Faculty Chair Jay Simmons
Outstanding Graduate Student


Endowed, one-year scholarships ranging from $500 to $4000 are available for newly admitted and returning students. Scholarship decisions are made during the spring semester and awarded for the following academic year. The scholarship application is posted on this website in February. Scholarships are not available for candidates in certificate programs.  Scholarships will be applied to the recipients' fall and spring tuition and fees accounts.

Awards Events

New Doctoral Scholars

Each year, we celebrate the achievement of our new graduates.  Each dissertation chair introduces the new doctoral scholar to family, friends and faculty present at the Inn and Conference Center.

New Teachers

Graduates of the M.Ed. Initial Licensure Program are congratulated with a dinner at the Inn and Conference Center.  We also celebrate the work of cooperating practitioners and the GSE's partnership with local schools. 

Awards Celebration Photo Gallery