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Course Information

The following is a list of course-related information for students.

Registering for Courses 

Undergraduate should meet with an advisor prior to registration. Information about the registration process is available through the Solution Center

If you have not taken a graduate course at the University of Massachusetts Lowell before and do not have a SiS account for electronic registration, you should complete the registration form

You should register as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Priority for registration is given to matriculated students.

Course Expectations
Students enrolled in a three credit course are expected to not only fully participate in scheduled on-campus/online and/or field work instruction, but also to complete a minimum of six hours out of class work each week throughout the semester.  Courses which are "accelerated" including summer courses, have increased class time/online and/or field work time each week and the expectation for increased weekly out of class work by students.

Course Schedules

The registrar's office lists the current semester's courses for all departments and updates enrollment data on a daily basis. For education courses search under department Curriculum and Instruction and for STEM minor courses search under UTeach.

To view current and future class schedules visit the Office of the Registrar.

For the latest course information, please see the UMass Lowell Online Graduate Catalog and the Undergraduate Catalog.

Course Syllabi

Course syllabi for the most recent offering of each course are kept in the Dean's Office.
  • Education courses have the prefixes EDUC and UTCH for UTeach
  • Undergraduate courses are numbered 1000-4999 after the prefix
  • Graduate courses are numbered 5000-7999 after the prefix
  • Only doctoral candidates may take 7000 courses and above

Each course number is followed by a section number which has the following meaning:

  • 201 or 20x
    on campus course 
  • 031 or 03x
    online course, 14 weeks
  • 061 or 06x
    online course, 10 weeks
  • 901 or 9xx
    practicum or practicum equivalent
  • 041 or 04x
    off campus course

For the latest course information, please see the UMass Lowell Online Graduate Catalog.