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middle school students conducting experiment

School of Education Advisory Board

2016 GSE Advisory Board
From right to left around the table: Edward Barrett (Chair), Anita Greenwood (Dean), Linda FitzPatrick, Molly Sheehy, Marjorie Miller, Marc Kerble, Charmaine Branchaud (Licensure Officer), Deidra Miles (Alumni Relations), Lisa Dana, Robert Gower, Joan Marchessault

The role of the School of Education Advisory Board is to provide advice and support with respect to programming, facilities planning and fund raising.

Edward Barrett (1958), Chair
Chandler & Sharp Publishers, San Francisco, Calif.

Lisa Dana, Ed.D. (2001)
Superintendent, Danvers Public Schools, Mass.

Linda FitzPatrick (1968)
Senior Vice President, Mellon Financial Center (retired)

Robert Gower, Ed.D.
Professor Emeritus, UMass Lowell

Richard Hoffman, Ed.D. (1997)
Superintendent of Schools, Ashland, Mass.

Marc Kerble, Ed.D. (1989)
Superintendent (retired)

Joan Marchessault, Ed.D. (2000)
Strategic Leadership Consulting Group, N.H.

Marjorie Miller (1967 and 1972)
Career Advisor, Public Schools, Lowell, Mass.

Molly Sheehy (1960, 2000)
Dean, Middlesex Community College (retired)

Marie Sweeney (1964)
Community Activist, Lowell, Mass.

Anita Greenwood, Ed.D.
UMass Lowell College of Education Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Professor