Bomb Alert Policies & Procedures

Office of the Provost


If any member of the University community receives a bomb threat, the person who receives the threat should notify the University Police immediately by calling x2911. Please do not call the Lowell Police or the Lowell Fire Department. Call the University Police immediately, and they will take appropriate action, including notifying the appropriate authorities.

All bomb threats are evaluated by the University Police, Environmental and Emergency Management and public safety personnel via guidelines set forth by the United States Department of Treasury, Division of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Arson Bomb Squad Division.

Similarly, if a member of the University community discovers a suspicious object that appears threatening, do not handle or disturb that object. Call the University Police at x2911; they will notify emergency response personnel and take appropriate action.

A bomb threat can be building-specific or generalized (no specific location given). In either type of bomb threat, the University Police and Environmental and Emergency Management staff members, in consultation with other public safety agencies and with other officers of the University, will jointly decide the steps that should be taken to ensure public safety. From that time forward, all members of the University community are expected to respond promptly to the directions provided by the University Police.