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Lab Coat Program

Lab Coat Program

Environmental and Emergency Management (EEM) is pleased to announce a new Laboratory Coat Program. This new Laboratory Coat Program will provide additional protection for all laboratory employees (including TAs & RAs) that handle or may come into contact with products that may potentially contaminate or soil their personal clothing while in their laboratory environment. As important to providing laboratory coats for safety purposes, is the need to provide a professional laundering service to assure that no UMass Lowell lab coat is taken home and introduced into the household laundry (or other off-site facility). Once per week (every Monday) soiled laboratory coats will be picked up by the supplier and professionally laundered and returned to the university. This new Laboratory Coat Program is provided at no cost to the employee, department or researcher.

Program Highlights

  • John Freeman, Haz & Recycl Stockroom Manager, is available by email: or phone: 978-934-2543.
  • Two white full length laboratory coats will be provided to each employee (includes TAs & RAs).
  • Laboratory coats will have embroidered UMass Lowell Logo on left upper side and employee full name embroidered in script on upper right side.
  • There are two designated rooms one in the Basement Level of Olney Building (room LG3 which is adjacent to LG6) and the other in the third floor corridor of Weed Hall where laboratory coats are collected when soiled and distributed when cleaned. (NOTE: The Olney Hall lab coat room is a card access room. To obtain card access, please email: your UMass Lowell identification number.)
  • There is a "free" replacement program if laboratory coats(s) should become torn or uncleanable.
  • To be sized for a lab coat, please fill out the customer sizing form after trying on different sizes of lab coats to determine the correct size. The lab coat sizing rooms are located in Onley LG3, 110 Canal St., and Wannalancit M2D2
  • Please contact John Freeman if you no longer work in a lab at UMass Lowell or if you are leaving the University so that your two lab coats can be picked up.

Special Request: We ask that any person who presently has a laboratory coat consider donating it to the EEM program when they receive their new lab coats. All donated lab coats will be laundered and receive an embroidered UMass Lowell Logo and distributed to laboratories as laboratory coats to be worn by visitors or others who may have need while in the laboratory.

  • You may drop off your donated lab coats to the lab coat room or you may contact John Freeman at 978-934-2543.

We thank the Administration and Provost for providing the support and funding to implement this program and enhance the safety of employees in the 300+ laboratories on campus.