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Asbestos on Campus

The University has listed all the locations where asbestos is known to be found and the types of building materials typically containing asbestos.

The consulting firms of Kaselaan & D'Angelo, Barnes & Jarnis and UMass Lowell's Office of Environmental & Emergency Management (EEM) have surveyed the University buildings and identified asbestos containing materials (ACM) in various locations. This collaborative approach of information has been consolidated into a source document providing generalized information regarding the location of samples collected in each UMass building and if the sample contained asbestos materials that the university community should be made aware. This document (pdf - updated October 2015) can be accessed or by contacting the EEM office at extension 4-2618 (978-934-2618). In conjunction to this source document, additional sampling data and abatement information are continually occurring and recorded at the EEM Office for reference and awareness.

Care must be taken to insure that asbestos containing material is not disturbed and protective coverings are not damaged. University faculty, staff, contractors and students (all persons) are directed not to disturb materials containing asbestos, such as drilling into ceilings, floors, fire rated doors, hanging items from ACM materials, cutting, and or removing protective coverings. All persons shall contact the EEM office to request an asbestos determination prior to impacting any suspect materials such as but not limited to insulation, window caulking and glazing, transite paneling, fire rated doors, flooring, mastic, and ceiling materials, wall joint compound, and HVAC duct sealants that have not been identified by EEM.

The University conducts periodic inspections of the asbestos containing materials and makes repairs as necessary to insure that the material remains intact or is contained in protective coverings or abated by licensed individuals. Contact the EEM Office, extension 42618, regarding asbestos material information or to report damage to asbestos containing materials.

 UMass Lowell

North Campus

South Campus

East Campus

West Campus

 Alumni Library

LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Acoustic PlasterWalls /Ceilings, All floors.Yes
BasementPipe InsulationNo
Bottom of wallNo
B4Ceiling PlasterYes
Wall PlasterNo
B-101Corridor WallNo
Upper WallNo
B-101APyrobar Look-alikeNo
Ceiling #1Right sideNo
Left SideNo
Ceiling Tile in BasementBulkNo
CorridorWall PlasterNo
First FloorPutty from WindowYes
Putty from Window #2Yes
Floor Tile in Basement FoyerBulkNo
Mastic from #3No
Ceiling MaterialNo
Second FloorPutty and Debris from Window #3Yes
StairsBlack Tar under FieldstoneNo
Building Fare to Fieldstone PatioNo
Ceiling Material in FoyerNo
Granite Steps Grey Caulking MaterialNo
Fieldstone Caulking MaterialNo
Vinyl Floor Tile9" X 9" brown.Yes
Wall in BasementBulkNo

 Ball Hall

LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
106Black felt paperNo
Grey materialNo
Outer boardNo
107Popcorn ceiling (Abated) August 2005No
109Floor tile and mastic, popcorn ceiling (Abated) August 2005No
118Pipe InsulationNo
Elbow InsulationYes
Bulk Floor SampleYes
118-AFloor tileNo
121200 sq. ft. floor tile and mastic, popcorn ceiling and 10 ft of pipe insulation (Abated) August 2010No
201Lab bench topYes
210Ceiling, floor tile and glue dobs (brown) abated June 2013No
213180 sq. ft. floor tile and mastic, popcorn ceiling and 12 glue dobs (Abated) March 2011No
220180 sq. ft. floor tile and mastic, popcorn ceiling (Abated) March 2011No
214Spray-on ceilingYes
Elbow of pipe in heat ventilation unitsYes
Elbow of pipeYes
Pipe insulationNo
317Expansion joint debrisNo
C-3Floor tileYes
Catwalk toTileYes
Window CaulkExterior first floor across from CumnockNo
Interior first floor across from Cumnock in Mech Rm (behind glass)Yes
Ceiling in lab (Dana)CeilingNo
CeilingsAcoustical Ceilings, All floors.Yes
Elbow Insulation Yes
ExteriorExpansion caulkingYes
First floorVFT, BlueNo
VFT, white speckledNo
TSI on waterline from 101No
TSI on waterline from ceilingNo
TSI on waterline from 102No
Cove baseYes
Cove base masticYes
Glazing windowParking lot sideYes
Parking lot sideYes
Riverside sideYes
NCPP Coal Room 2BulkNo
Pipe insulationVarious types & diameters, All floors.Yes
Vinyl Flooring9" X 9" floor tiles.Yes
WJULFloor tileYes
Ceiling MaterialNo


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Below football roomElbow insulationYes
Elbow insulationYes
First floorDrain pipe insulationNo
Floor tile Yes
GeneralCeiling material shower room #1No
Pipe elbow above ceilingNo
Ceiling material restroom #2No
GymCork beneath wooden floorNo
Mastic with corkYes
Black felt paperYes
Machine roomPipe fitting insulationYes
Pipe insulationEmergency generator exhaust.Yes
Pipe joints, All floors.Yes
Tank insulationMechanical room basement.Yes
Underlay Floor MaterialMaterialYes
Weight room ceilingCeiling materialNo
Women’s shower roomCeilingNo


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Affirmative action roomWalk, bulkNo
Storage area, floor tileYes
Annie’s floorTan tileYes
Black masticNo
Brown floor tile Yes
C-3Floor tileYes
Pipe insulationYes
C-7PLM wipeNo
Floor tileYes
C-11Mastic to floor tileNo
Ceiling, bulkNo
CeilingsAcoustical and plaster on all floorsYes
Dr. Levine’s office, first floorWipeNo
Employee loungeCeiling materialYes
Wall materialNo
Floor tileYes
First floorTileNo
First floor lobbyWallYes
Lower stairwellRiserNo
Mechanical roomBasement ceiling insulationNo
Mechanical room under C-1ElbowYes
Off-white vertical runYes
Off-white horizontal runYes
PCMCumnock hall tunnelYes
Pipe insulationVarious diameters, All floors.Yes
Projection screen No
Second floor stairwellSkirtNo
Lt. mastic, landing tileNo
Landing tileNo
Mastic from firstNo
Third floorBrown tile on leftNo
Vinyl FlooringBrown vinyl sheet flooring, basement.Yes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Pipe insulationVarious types & diameters, All floors.Yes
HallwayPipe insulationYes
Mastic Yes
Room 211WallNo
third floor corridorBrown, top floor tileNo
Red, bottom flooringNo


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Swept from floor/doorway (bulk)No
211Window glazingNo
225Window glazingNo
307Window glazingYes
414Window glazingNo
CeilingsCorridor (only) acoustical ceilings.Yes
ExteriorWindow glazing east sideNo
Window glazing west sideYes
Window perimeter expansion glazing east sideYes
Window perimeter expansion glazing west sideYes
Pipe insulationVarious types & diameters, All floors.Yes
Tank insulationMechanical room.Yes
Vinyl Flooring9" X 9" brown & 12" X 12" gray.Yes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
201Elbow insulationYes
Pipe joint insulationYes
Air sampleNo
Pipe insulationVarious types & diameters, All floors.Yes
Stairwell, bookstoreFloor tileNo
Tank insulationSub Basement.Yes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Duplicating roomBulk sample – wipeNo
Drain pipeJoint insulationNo
Pipe insulationBasement floor.Yes
Tank insulationBasement condensate tank.Yes
Tunnel toTan tileNo
CumnockMastic off 1No


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
BasementChiller Mechanical RoomYes
Muffler MechanicalYes
Janitor’s closet – fourth floorElbow insulationNo
Valve insulationNo
Mechanical roomElbowYes
Lydon Innovation Center Basement6” Wall base moldingNo
4’x8’ Acoustical BoardNo
Residual brown and gold carpet adhesiveNo
Skim coat on concrete wall/columnNo
Gypsum wallboardNo
Joint compound associated with gypsum wallboard and plaster wallNo
Plaster wall skim and baseNo
Plaster ceiling skim and baseNo
Black coating over window w/squaresNo
Cement floor white crack sealantYes
Canvas tape duct seam sealant – Boiler room AC-3No
Duct hanger seam sealantNo
Interior window with metal squares glazingNo
Interior window glazing corridorYes
Exterior door caulkNo
Exterior metal window frame caulk East entranceYes
Exterior wall to ceiling caulk symposium center wallYes
12x12 slate floor tile groutNo
12x12 slate floor tile bedding mortar corridorNo
Interior window caulkYes
Skim coat on concrete ceilingNo
Light weight concrete at duct penetration through wallNo
Mechanical roomCanvas duct vibration cloth RF3 and AC3Yes
Abandoned reserve tank flange gasket South East cornerYes
Air hander rib seam sealant AC3Yes
Small holding tank head cover insulation South East cornerYes
Large holding tank head cover insulation North East sideNo
Pipe insulationVarious types & diameters, basement.Yes
2nd Floor Men’s BathroomCeiling plasterNo
SidesLeft sideYes
Right sideYes
Right side of ChillerYes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Between concrete wallsCaulkingNo
Stairwells All FloorsFloor Tile and mastic (Abated) August 2004No
BasementMixing station lower elbowYes
Fire Rated DoorsGeorgia Pacific Corp. Curtis Door Division (wooden door cores)Yes
Mech RmMixing station upper, right elbowNo
Mixing station upper, left elbowNo
Hot/Cold mixing stationYes
LHS chillerNo
RHS chillerNo
All HallwaysFloor tile and mastic (Abated)No
Rooms 203, 212, 218, 219, 222, 223, 305, 311, 312, 403-B, 410, 414, 507, 508, 510, 513, 515Floor tile and mastic (Abated)No
Note Old 12x12 tile and black mastic may remain under counter and bench topsYes
Olney 150Floor tile and mastic (Abated) June 2006No
Boiler roomHeader pipe Glue DotsNo
Pipe fitting insulationNo
All LabsGlue dots behind chalk boardsYes
Olney 313Chalkboard removal Glue Dots (Abated) February 2006No
Emergency GeneratorExhaust pipeYes
Mechanical roomExhaust Generator Pipe InsulatorYes
Heat exchange gasketYes
Red duct seam sealantYes
PenthouseValve CHS 65No
Pipe insulationBasement mechanical room.Yes
Pipe joints all floors.Yes
RoofChiller baffle materialYes
Chiller gasket materialYes
Pipe elbow insulationNo
Ground Floor, Rm. #23Elbow insulationNo
Room 416Blackboard masticNo
Room 428Brown masticNo
Cove baseNo
Room 430Blackboard masticNo
Room 519BulkNo
Room 520Paneling glueNo
Chalkboard masticYes
Brown glue on chalkboardYes
White VFTYes
Tank insulationBasement mechanical roomYes
Vinyl Floor Tile12" X 12" White tile, All floors.Yes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Tank insulationMechanical room.Yes
BasementElbow insulation from hot water lineNo
Ceiling tileBulk asbestos Glue dotsNo
All RoomsGlue dots behind white boardsYes
Floor tileBulk asbestosYes
first floor computer roomFloor tileYes
fifth floorWallNo
Pipe insulation sprayed acousticNo
Machine roomPipe fitting insulationNo
Room 222Floor tile and masticYes
Room 102, 103, 107, 108, 112, 511, 612Floor tile and mastic (Abated)No
Room 310InsulationNo
Room 602Pipe insulationYes
Room 606Floor tileYes
Ceiling tileYes
PenthouseElbow insulation on chill supply pipesNo
RoofChiller baffle materialYes
Chiller gasket materialYes
Pipe insulationEmergency generator exhaust.Yes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
AC-2Valve #1, BulkYes
Valve #2, BulkNo
Elbow #1No
Elbow #2No
Elbow #3No
Elbow #4No
Basement12x12 floor tileYes
Water tank pipe bulkYes
Pipe insulationYes
Pump elbowNo
Pipe elbowNo
Chiller #2, Elbow #1No
Chiller #2, Elbow #2No
Chiller #1, Elbow #1No
Chiller #1, Elbow #2No
Elbow on backflow preventerNo
Face piece on valveNo
Shingle materialYes
Blackboard masticYes
Mechanical roomPipe insulationYes
Pipe insulationEmergency generator exhaust. Pipe joints, All floors.Yes
Roof ventilationPipe laggingYes
Elbow laggingNo
Room 205Floor tile and mastic (Abated)No
Elbow pipe insulation in ceilingYes
Room 207Floor tile and mastic (Abated)No
Room 209Floor tile and mastic (Abated)No
Room 211Floor tile and mastic (Abated)No
Room 213Floor tile and mastic (Abated)No
Room 213Elbow pipe insulation in ceilingYes
Room 303Bulk samplesNo
third floor mechanical roomPipe elbow insulationNo
Tank insulationMechanical room 2.Yes
Room 101Elbow Insulation under sink (exterior wall) abated June 2013No

 Pinanski Reactor

LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Fire proofingExterior walls of reactor cylinder.Yes
Cooling pipeInsulationNo

 Power Plant (NCPP)

LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Carpenter shopElbow from heaterYes
Floor Tile First Floor12 x 12 floor tile and masticNo
First Floor Bathroom9x9 Floor tile (mastic is clean)Yes
Pipe insulationInside Boiler #3 (all other insulation abated July 2012)Yes
Tank insulationReceiver Tank Abated July 2012No
Boiler #3 Header GasketYes
Underground steam line and soilWhite pipe insulation steam lineYes
Loose debris from pileYes
Outer insulation from pipeYes

 Steam Tunnel (Southwick - Eames)

LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Pipe insulationAll pipes.Yes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Pipe insulationVarious types & diameters, All floors.Yes
Email area9x9 floor tileNo
Fax/ ATM area9x9 gray floor tileNo
Game room9x9 gray floor tileYes
KitchenBlack pipe insulationYes
Wall air duct bulkYes
Room 303Brown tileYes
Black tileYes
Yellow mastic from black tileNo
Room 305Black mastic from brown tileNo
Yellow mastic from brown tileNo
Room 307Tan tileYes
Black mastic from tan tileYes
Yellow mastic from tan tileNo
Student mail room9x9 floor tileNo
Tunnel to SmithJoint fillerNo
TV area9x9 floor tileNo

UMass Lowell South

 Allen House

LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
BasementBoiler room’s aircell pipe insulationYes
Brown paper pipe insulationYes
Living roomCeiling plasterNo
KitchenCeiling plasterNo
first floor9x9 green vinyl tileYes
2nd floorVinyl tileNo
9x9 gray tileYes
Black vinyl tileNo
Pipe insulationVarious types & diameters, All floorsYes
Vinyl Floor Tile9" X 9" green tile.Yes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Pipe insulationVarious types & diameters, All floors.Yes
Brick moldingsCaulkingNo
Boiler roomCeilingNo
Breaching insulationNo
Ground floorWindow trimNo
Exit door paintNo
Exit door trimNo
Outside doorYes
Outside panelingNo
first floorFire escape doorNo
Door of fire escapeNo
Door trim of fire escapeNo
2nd floorFire escape doorNo
Paint of fire escape door #1No
Trim of fire escape door #1No
Black trim of fire escape door #2No
Room 112Ceiling PlasterNo
Room 205Wall CeilingNo
Room 209Hallway bulkNo
Room 306Hallway bulkNo
WindowBlack paint on window sillNo
Black window paneNo
Window pane glazingNo
Wood puttyNo


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Vinyl Floor Tile9" X 9" tile.Yes
first floorMen’s room ceilingNo
Pipe insulationVarious sizes in Penthouse. 6th floor elevator lobby.Yes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Vinyl Floor Tile9" X 9" tan, gray & blue tile, All floors.Yes
Computer labTileNo
first floorCloset, PCMNo
Janitor’s closetYes
Ceiling materialNo
2nd floorPipe insulationYes
Closet, PCMNo
Janitor’s closet, bulkYes
Room #1 tileYes
Room #2 tileYes
Room #3 tileYes
Hallway ceiling materialNo
Storage roomLeft pipe sampleYes
Right pipe sampleYes
first Floor Registrar’s Office March 20132’x2’ Ceiling tile main entranceNo
Gray duct seam sealantNo
Sprinkler pipe thread sealantNo
White Block Pipe insulation corridor and Room 101Yes
Gypsum wall panel Room 101GNo
Basecoat wall plasterNo
Skim coat wall plasterNo
Yellow and black carpet adhesive Room 101, 101A, 101H, and next to stairwellYes
Black cove base and cove base adhesiveNo
Joint compound Room 101, 101E, and 101FNo
Gypsum wallboard Room 101, 101ENo
Drain Line Insulation next to Room 101DYes
Floor leveler Room 101No
Sink basin undercoatingNo
Ceramic tile grout/mortar Room 101DNo
2’x4’ ceiling tile Room 101No
Red fire stop Room 101No
Glue behind gypsum wall panelNo
Gray Window caulkingYes
Pipe InsulationVarious types & diameter, All floors.Yes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
114Purple textured floor tileYes
Red textured floor tileNo
Floor tile masticYes
Blue textured floor tileNo
White floor tileNo
Cove baseNo
Cove base masticNo
Generator Exhaust pipeNo
Janitor’s closetHot water pipe insulationNo
Room 419Abated 120 sq. ft. of purple floor tile and black mastic (6/17/2012)No
Mechanical RoomGenerator Pipe InsulationNo
Custodial Room 310Elbow InsulationNo
Roof MembraneBlack Heterogeneous, Fibrous, Roofing FeltYes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
CeilingsAcoustical ceilings, All floors unless otherwise noted.Yes
Ductwork dustSampled November 2001No
WindowWindow caulkingYes
Floor tile and mastic all floors unless otherwise notedYes
first Floor HallwayFloor tile and mastic (Abated) July 2006No
Rooms 200/201Floor tile and mastic and acoustical ceiling (Abated) July 2006No
Room 212 A,B,CFloor tile and mastic and acoustical ceiling (Abated) June 2007No
GymDouble door insulationNo
Partition coreNo
Men’s locker roomShower ceilingNo
Steam PitPipe insulationYes
Rooms B7,B8,101, 103, 108Over laid 12x12 non acm tile over 9x9 tile and mastic containing asbestosYes
Office B480 sq. ft. floor tile and mastic (Abated)No
GymDouble Door InsulationNo
Brown patrician coreNo
Women’s locker roomRoomNo
Offices#1 PCM (Air Sample) 3/28/2005No
#2 PCM (Air Sample) 3/28/2005No
#3 PCM (Air Sample) 3/28/2005No
#4 PCM (Air Sample) 3/28/2005No
#5 PCM (Air Sample) 3/28/2005No
#6 PCM (Air Sample) 3/28/2005No
#7 PCM (Air Sample) 3/28/2005No
#8 PCM (Air Sample) 3/28/2005No
#9 PCM (Air Sample) 3/28/2005No
Pipe insulationVarious types & diameters. All floors.Yes
North Stairwell Ground FloorFloor tile and mastic ground floor landing (Abated) March 2009No
Square wall panelsAcoustical tile material and brown glue dobs on wallYes
Room 9PCMNo
Air sampleNo
Room 110-ARoomNo
Room 202PCM (Air Sample) 6/15/2005No
Room 203PCM (Air Sample) 6/21/2005No
Room 209RoomNo
Room 211PCM (Air Sample) 4/20/2005No
Room 214PCM (Air Sample) 8/10/2000No
Tank insulationMechanical room.Yes
Weight roomCeilingNo


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
2nd floor16x16 Tan/Red floor tile over 12x12 dark brown floor tiles and mastic (Tile Over)Yes
Tile from the TV areaYes
Mastic from around the Exit doorYes
Mastic from around the TV areaYes
first floor12x12 dark brown floor tile/mastic All FloorsYes
second Floor Cat Walk AreaTile and mastic at elevator lobby, and entire Catwalk Area (Abated 8/20/2010)No
third Floor Cat Walk AreaTile and mastic at elevator lobby, and entire Catwalk Area (Abated 8/20/2010)No


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Room 500Roof drainNo
All Floors12x12 Dark brown floor tile and mastic unless otherwise notedYes
Interior Emergency GeneratorTank insulation, exhaust insulation (Abated June 2013)No
Basement Hallway and Electric RoomFloor tile and mastic 780 sq. ft. (Abated) June 2012No
MailroomFloor tile and mastic 700 sq. ft. (Abated) November 2011No
First Floor and MezzanineFloor tile and mastic 14,000 sq. ft. (Abated) June 2011No
1000 Linear feet of acm adhesive paper (Abated) June 2011No
500 sq. ft. duct seam sealant and 60 linear feet of gray caulking at brick and concrete junctions (Abated) June 2011No
first and fourth Floors Sept and Nov 2010 testing resultsRed/gray duct seam sealant various Locations above ceilingsYes
Adhesive associated with foil paper above ceiling, between angle iron cleat and ceiling deck throughout floorYes
Window frame caulk and glazingYes
Gray caulk at brick concrete junctionsYes
Black cementitious wall panels, rooms 412, 413, and 414Yes
Compressed wood fiber/paper (tectum-style) ceiling panelsNo
Wall base molding and adhesiveNo
2’x4’ ceiling tile front entranceNo
Mudded pipe fitting insulation on heating lines first and fourth floorsNo
Pipe thread sealant on heating lines first and fourth floorsNo
Pre-fabricated gypsum wall panels first and fourth floorsNo
Carpet adhesive on quarry tile, front entry, Room 110, 114, and open library area, Room 437No
Bedding mortar and grout associated with quarry tileNo
Ceramic wall and floor tile grout, all areas both floorsNo
Plaster ceiling finish and base coat, restrooms both floorsNo
Floor leveling compound, Room 114No
2’x’2 ceiling tile fourth floor officesNo
Room 222Dark blue carpet with golden brown adhesiveNo
fourth FloorFloor tile and mastic 7,000 sq. ft. and duct seam sealant 400 linear feet (Abated) June 2011No
Floor tile and mastic 15,000 sqft, ACM cement board, window glazing and ductwork seam sealant associated with English Department project renovation. (Abated) December 2010 through January 2011No

South Campus Power Plant

LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Pipe insulationVarious types & diameters, All floors.Yes
Boiler #2BulkNo
Drum materialNo
Hazard waste roomElbow #1No
Elbow #2No
first floorCondensate tank face bulkNo
Condensate tank side bulkNo
Tank insulationBoiler room.Yes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Between window and brick and concrete and brickCaulkingNo
first floorMechanical room pipe insulationNo
Joint elbowNo
Insulation from valve joint Floor tileNo
Floor tile RedYes
Mastic BlackYes
Classrooms 201, 204, and 206Floor tile and mastic (Abated 12/27/2007)No
Janice Stecchi’s office, first floorWipeNo
Lecture Room #3Pipe elbow from sinkNo
Mechanical Room #001Valve insulation pipe to condensate tank from the hot water condensate tankNo
Elbow insulation, joint to condensate pipe from the elbow pipeNo
Valve insulation from hot waterNo
Elbow #1No
Elbow #2No
Elbow #3No
Mechanical RoomsHard pack elbow and fittings at various Locations near strainer; AC2, AC3, AC4, AC5, AC6, AC7, AC8, AC10No
Mechanical RoomsHard pack mudded fitting on fiberglass pipe run (12” Line) Chill Water Supply North SideYes
Mechanical RoomsHard pack mudded fitting on fiberglass pipe run (1” Line) Condensate North sideNo
Mechanical RoomsCement coating over fiberglass insulated fitting chill water supply and return North and South Side. Also on Chill Water UT TankNo
Room 303Bulk from bench topNo
Bulk from bench top, Saff hallwayNo
Room 305Wall mount glassware holderYes
Room 307Bulk from pipe elbow on tableNo
Vinyl Floor Tile12" X 12" tan tile, All floors.Yes

UMass Lowell East


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Boiler room basementCeilingNo
CeilingsSprayed acoustical ceilings, All floors.Yes
Duct insulationBoiler room exhaust pipe.Yes
first floorLobby air sampleNo
East wing air sampleNo
West wing air sampleNo
2nd floorLobby air sampleNo
East wing air sampleNo
West wing air sampleNo
third floorLobby air sampleNo
East wing air sampleNo
West wing air sampleNo
fourth floorLobby air sampleNo
East wing air sampleNo
West wing air sampleNo
Mechanical room, basementElbow 1No
Elbow 2No
Bulk, topNo
Bulk, middleNo
Bulk, bottomNo
Valve insulationYes
Boiler Refractory MaterialNo
Rope Gasket Boiler DoorsYes
Boiler Rib Rope GasketNo
Pipe GasketNo
Gypsum wallboard and joint comp.No
Note Boiler removed and abated July 2011 
Pipe insulationGenerator room exhaust pipe.Yes
Room 109Textured ceiling abated 180 sq. ft. July 13, 2012No
Vinyl Floor TileWhite 9" X 9" in building, All floors.Yes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
BasementPump #3No
Elbow from pipeNo
Hot water pipe elbowNo
Pipe #2 elbowNo
Pipe insulationThe emergency generator exhaust pipe.Yes
Telecommunication roomElbowNo
Vinyl Floor Tile12" X 12" gray vinyl floors 1 through 6Yes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
CeilingsSprayed acoustical ceilings, All floors.Yes
first floorLobby air sampleNo
East wing air sampleNo
West wing air sampleNo
2nd floorLobby air sampleNo
East wing air sampleNo
West wing air sampleNo
third floorLobby air sampleNo
East wing air sampleNo
West wing air sampleNo
fourth floorLobby air sampleNo
East wing air sampleNo
West wing air sampleNo
Room 115Textured ceiling 260 sqft abated July 11, 2011No
Pipe insulationHot water tank room.Yes
Air sampleNo
312Ceiling materialYes
Air sampleNo
316Air sample by PLMNo
Room 209Textured ceiling 150 sqft abated July 13, 2011No

 University Crossing

LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Common Wall between Sisters and Gagnon Bldg.Transite PanelYes
Sisters Bldg. third floor nurses area and basement electrical roomSpray on FireproofingNo
Sisters Bldg. third Floor StairwellPerimeter WaterproofingNo
Gagnon Building RoofBrown InsulationNo
Built up tar and gravelNo
Insulation under tar and gravelNo
Tar on concrete deckNo
Felt/tar between insulationNo

UMass Lowell West


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
CeilingsAll textured ceiling paint. 
KitchenElbow insulationNo


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Pipe insulationVarious types & diameters, All floors. 
PorchPorch paint (Lead 37.3)Yes


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Fire ProofingStructural beams. 
Pipe insulationVarious types & diameters, All floors. 
Tank insulationBasement. 
Boiler breechingBasement. 


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
Tank insulationBasement. 


LocationDescriptionAsbestos: (Yes/No)
WallsTextured paint 2nd floor new addition. 
Pipe insulationVarious types & diameters, All floors.