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Winter 2011 Intersession Schedule

The 2011 Winter Intersession, given between semesters, offers to retirees and those semi-retired, a sample of LIRA’s almost year-round program and friendly community. The program is planned and much of it provided by the members themselves. The general public is invited to all Intersession programs. The time for these programs is 10:00 a.m. to Noon. Please note the location of classes. The Winter Intersession programs will be held in the Meeting Room of the Campus Recreation Center, with the exception of classes on January 12 and February 16.

The January 12 class will be held in the Eastview Classroom at Wannalancit Mills, on the first floor.

The February 16 class will be held in the Junior Ballroom at the UMass Lowell Inn and Conference Center, on the second floor.

In the event of a storm, information will be available on radio 980 AM, WCAP. If UMass Lowell or Lowell Public Schools are closed, the Winter Intersession program will not be held.


Nick Schott

Nick Schott is a professor emeritus at UMass Lowell and will talk about the interrelationship between energy, oil, and plastics, as well as the recycling issue and substitute materials such as biofuel and bio plastics.

Coordinator: Jean Schott*


  • Jeri Durant*: “Gardens of Glass”
    What a pleasant surprise it was when we visited Kew Gardens in London and discovered the spectacular works of Dale Chihuly. His vibrantly colored glass sculptures were scattered throughout the 300 acres of gardens and greenhouses. A DVD will be shown of Chihuly working in the glass shop along with a fascinating look at the installation process happening at Kew Gardens the very week that we arrived in London.
  • Connie Lanseigne-Case*: “Albert Schweitzer”
    In the summer of 1962 while teaching for Crossroads Africa in Gabon West Africa, I visited Lambarene, where Dr. Albert Schweitzer established his hospital. In 2006 I toured his home/museum in Gunsbach, Alsace and talked with the curator. The slides are of daily life of patients, their families and Dr. Schweitzer along with an update of Lambarene 44 years later.
  • Jerry Gilmore*: “Souvenirs from Trip to China”
    I will exhibit several items I brought back from China with some slides of locations where I purchased them. They include a Magic Rug, a Porcelain 2-sided figure, a Buddha carved in a blossom, and a small jar painted in the inside. They are all very unusual and reflect the art of Chinese craftsmen.

Coordinator: Therese Keoseian*

January 19 NEW TRENDS IN TECHNOLOGY Robert Hanlon*

  • RFID How radio frequency ID is being used to track us and the products we buy.
  • Wireless technology smart phones, tablet computers, e-book readers – how dedicated applications are replacing the World Wide Web.
  • Social networking - How Facebook, Twitter and virtual reality are changing our lives.
  • Entertainment: 3D TV and the internet.
  • How the conventional TV set is becoming just one of many ways to view movies, TV shows, and internet content. What's ahead for 3D TV.
  • Education – Use of online learning, netbooks, and interactive whiteboards

Coordinator: Bill Terris*

January 19 BOOK DISCUSSION Toby Hodes*

12:30 - 2:30 p.m. "The Man from St. Petersburg" fiction by Ken Follett

January 26 CONCORD RIVER HISTORY Jane Galvin

Jane Calvin, Executive Director, will offer a presentation about the work of the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust to create the Concord River Greenway. This multi-use recreational trail has been over 30 years in the making and two sections have recently been constructed. Jane will discuss the trail’s connections to other regional trails and its public art components, as well as multi-lingual signage and new outdoor classroom. The presentation will also touch on recent land use history research about the corridor. Learn about what it has taken to bring a vision to reality –and some of the challenges along the way!

Coordinator: George Dana*

February 2 STAYING SHARP Rebecca Shafir

Helpful, practical, and affordable ways for optimal brain fitness. Rebecca Shafir, author, speech pathologist and neurotherapist will tell how to:

  • Prevent Alzheimer’s and dementias
  • How to boost working memory
  • How stress affects thinking and how to manage it
  • Concentrate and focus better

Coordinator: Ron Cannistraro*

February 9 CUBA Jose Ramirez

Cuba in the 30’s and the 90’s to the present time, presentation of a book recently published, and travel to Cuba in 2009. Dr. Ramirez is Cuban born, living in Massachusetts. He is publisher and editor of “Notes and Memories” and a frequent traveler to Cuba.

Coordinator: Mary Willis*

February 16 COOK BETTER, LIVE BETTER Joe Stanislaw

Be a Healthy Home Chef - focus on healthy items that can be quickly prepared and that can easily be packaged for lunch at work. Chef Joe will discuss food and knife safety, and participants will see demos of and sample three healthy items. Recipes: Chicken/Fish with different sauces, whole grain side, vegetables in season. Smart Grains and Dietary Fiber – what is the role of whole grains and fiber, what foods contain soluble fiber? Chef Joe will demonstrate cooking with grains and discuss long cooking vs. quick cook grains.

Coordinator: Irene Ballantine*

February 16 BOOK DISCUSSION Toby Hodes*

12:30 - 2:30 p.m. "Of Human Bondage" fiction by W. Somerset Maugham


A brief survey of some literary works that explore nanotechnology and its potential positive and negative consequences; some nanotechnology science fiction celebrates nanotech, and some belongs, like Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein", to the cautionary tale type of story. A focus on a few short stories that engage with some aspects of nanotechnology that have been in the news ever since the beginnings of nanotech in the 1980s. Nanotechnology can be thought of not only as a scientific and technological phenomenon, but as a scientific and technological development that is having an impact on how we think about what it means to be a human being.

Coordinator: Steve Sussman*

*Member of LIRA