Joint Military Studies Minor

The minor in Joint Military Studies is offered to both traditional students and those actively pursuing a presidential-level commission as a military officer (via Army or Air Force ROTC). In-line with the university’s 2020 Strategic Plan, the minor advances professional preparedness, cross-cultural competencies, life skills, and social responsibility for the 21st century. The minor accomplishes this through academics and experiential learning of the profession of arms, communication skills, leadership studies, military history, and international security studies.

For traditional students, completing the specialized coursework provides a vantage point for employment within the U.S. Government or defense-related industries. For officer candidates, the minor delivers critical knowledge of “joint” force operating principles, including how the military branches partner together with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other nations to conduct full-spectrum joint operations.

A minor consists of 18 to 24 credits. At least six credits must be taken in courses at the 3000 level or above. Coursework is selected in consultation with the faculty adviser.

Aerospace Studies - Air Force

Choose six credits from the following:

  • AERO.1010 Foundations of the United States Air Force - Part I (1 cr.)
  • AERO.1020 Foundations of the United States Air Force - Part II (1 cr.)
  • AERO.2010 Evolution of United States Air Force Power  - Part I (1 cr.)
  • AERO.2020 Evolution of United States Air Force Power – Part II (1 cr.)
  • AERO.3010 Air Force Leadership Studies (3 cr.)
  • AERO.3020 Air Force Leadership Studies II (3 cr.)
  • AERO.4010 National Security/Active Duty Pre (3 cr.)
  • AERO.4020 National Security (3 cr.)

Military Science - Army

Choose two courses from the following:

  • ROTC.1400 Leadership and Personal Development (MSL 101)
  • ROTC.1700 Introduction to Tactical Leadership (MSL 102)
  • ROTC.2300 Foundations of Leadership (MSL 201)
  • ROTC.2400 Foundations of Tactical Leadership (MSL 202)
  • ROTC.3300 Adaptive Team Leadership (MSL 301)
  • ROTC.3400 Applied Team Leadership (MSL 302)
  • ROTC.4400 Adaptive Leadership (MSL 401)
  • ROTC.4500 Leadership in a Complex World (MSL 402)

Acceptable Elective Courses

Choose two courses from the following:

  • CRIM.2480 Terrorism (international and domestic)
  • CRIM.2120 Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • ENGL.2510 War in Literature
  • HIST.2040 China & the Modern World
  • HIST.2420 World War II
  • HIST.3220 Chinese Foreign Policy
  • HIST.3560 Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HIST.3930 History of the Middle East and Islamic World
  • POLI.1010 Introduction to American Politics
  • POLI.1120 Introduction to Comparative Political Systems
  • POLI.1210 Introduction to International Relations
  • POLI.3380 Political Participation
  • POLI.3680 Middle Eastern Politics


  • There is no military commitment required for a student to enroll in and complete the Joint Military Studies minor.
  • While some of these courses are taught by the ROTC programs, this minor is not part of the Army or Air Force ROTC Program. However, this program may be completed in conjunction with the Army or Air Force ROTC programs.
  • Please see Air Force ROTC website for more information about joining Air Force ROTC.
  • Please see Army ROTC website for more information about joining Army ROTC.
  • For additional information please contact Lt Col Jesse “JJ” Jaramillo or call us at (978)934-2252.

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