Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences Minor Requirements

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a Minor in Mathematics for students majoring in other fields or pursuing degrees other than the Bachelor of Science. A student who successfully completes the coursework gains greater depth of mathematical understanding than required by her/his major department and receives recognition for this accomplishment. A minor in mathematics consists of at least 18 credits, nine (9) of which are beyond those required for a student’s major. Students may select courses from the mathematics major core and option lists. A minimum of six (6) must be in courses at or above the 300 level. Linear Algebra II (92.222) may be substituted for one of the 300level courses.
    The following courses do not count toward a mathematics minor:
            Quantitative Reasoning(92.111)
            Management Precalculus(92.121)
            Management Calculus(92.122)
            Calculus IA (92.128) (Calculus IA and IB together count as 4 credits)
            Explorations in Math(92.151)
            Introduction to Statistics(92.283)
            Introduction to Data Analysis (92.363)
Any interested student may submit a preliminary application at or contact the coordinator, Professor Alexander Kheifets, (Olney 428B,