A minor in Chemistry consists of 18-24 credits in Chemistry, exclusive of any coursework taken to satisfy the Gen. Ed. Science requirement. All course pre-requisites must be satisfied. The course requirements for the Chemistry minor are as follows:

  • Freshman level chemistry courses with corresponding lab component.
  • Beyond the required freshman level course, four additional courses are required, of which not more than two may be from the same chemistry area.
  • At least two courses must carry a laboratory component (exclusive of freshman level chemistry courses).
  • A lecture course with a co requisite laboratory course will be considered as one course of the additional course requirement.
  • At least eight semester hours must be taken at or above the 3000 course level, and of these courses, at least 3 credits must be in a chemistry course or courses not required by the curriculum of the student's department.
For more information contact the Chemistry Department, Olney 520, 978-934-3650.