The Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry is both a professional and a pre-graduate school degree. Completion of the chemistry curriculum provides a preparation for all areas of the chemical profession, as well as for graduate study in chemistry, dentistry, medicine, patent law, and teaching. The UMass Lowell Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry is approved by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society.

The major typically includes 59-60 credits in chemistry courses, and 26-30 credits in supporting science and mathematics courses. In addition, university/college guidelines for core curriculum/distribution requirements must be fulfilled. 

The Chemistry Department also offers a B.S. Degree in Chemistry with a Forensics Option. The Forensic Option combines the application of the physical sciences to criminal investigations and offers students the opportunity for close collaboration between the University and the Community by providing needed expertise and resources while obtaining real world experiences. Graduates of this program will receive an American Chemical Society certified degree in chemistry, enhancing their opportunities for gainful employment after graduation.

CHEM.4030 Introductory Polymer Science I will be required of all majors entering as first-year students or transferring into the major effective Fall, 2017.

Chemistry majors must earn a grade of C- or higher in CHEM.1210 Chemistry I and CHEM.1220 Chemistry II.

  • Chemistry majors will not be allowed to proceed to CHEM.1220 without first earning a C- in CHEM.1210.
  • Chemistry majors will not be allowed to proceed to CHEM.2210 without first earning a C- in CHEM.1220.

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