Bioinformatics Option

The rapidly expanding field of bioinformatics involves the application of computational methods to analyze massive biological datasets that are now available because of rapid advances in molecular technology. This field requires biologists who are also well versed in computer science. Towards training these future multidisciplinary scientists, the Bioinformatics option offers a rigorous core of basic Biology and Computer Science courses, along with advanced courses in Bioinformatics and Biology electives. Computing I, II, and III are added to the Biology core required courses along with Genomics and Discrete Mathematics; Calculus for Life Sciences I is replaced by Calculus I and Calculus II. Students in the Bioinformatics option will receive hands-on training in both the development and use of computational tools for analysis of diverse datasets, including genomic sequences, microarray comparisons, and protein structure/function interaction. The option is ideally suited for students interested in future professional or academic careers in bioinformatics, comparative genomics, proteomics, molecular modeling, and biological database analysis and management.

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