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Undergraduate Admissions Policies

Health Certification Requirements

All students, as part of the condition of admission, are required to have on file a Health Examination Report and physical exam form, evidence of a recent Mantoux TB test, and proof of completed up-to-date immunizations as mandated by law.

The Massachusetts College Immunization Law requires all full-time students, and all full or part time students in the health sciences, regardless of age, to provide a medical certificate of immunization against measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus and diphtheria. The month and year must be given.

The measles vaccine must have been administered after 1968 and after the age of one, and there must have been two doses at least one month apart.

In the absence of proof of the measles, mumps, or rubella vaccine, a positive titer is sufficient. History of a disease is not acceptable.

The Tetanus-Diphtheria injection must be within the past ten years.

All freshmen entering college after September 2001, as well as any student in the health sciences, regardless of class must have completed the hepatitis B vaccine series.

As of August 2007, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has mandated that all new college students, who live in campus housing receive one of the Meningococcal vaccines or sign the Department of Public Health’s waiver form.

Effective September 1, 2011, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has added new immunization requirements for all newly enrolled students as well as all students enrolled in the College of Health Sciences. These immunizations include Tdap and Varicella.