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Undergraduate Admissions Policies

Applicants for Additional Bachelor's Degree

A student who has earned a bachelor's degree at the University of Massachusetts Lowell or at another accredited bachelor's institution may be admitted to the university to pursue an additional bachelor's degree subject to the following requirements:

  1. the major field of the previous degree must be clearly distinct from that of the additional degree (as determined by the department awarding the second degree);
  2. the work for the additional degree must consist of not less than two semesters (or the equivalent) of full-time study;
  3. the final 30 credits presented for the additional degree must be in addition to and independent of any previously awarded bachelor's; and
  4. a minimum of 15 credits must be taken at the University in the major field which is presented for the additional degree.

Candidates for the additional bachelor's degree must earn a minimum of 30 credits and must comply with any special college regulations concerning completion at the university of major field and professional program requirements (including collateral and prerequisite course requirements for the major/professional program). Second-degree candidates may be eligible for major field honors but are not eligible for university honors unless they have completed 60 credits at the university for the additional bachelor's degree.

Application for admission to the university as a candidate for an additional bachelor's degree is made through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Prior to admission to the university as candidates for additional bachelor's degrees, applicants must be approved by the college in which they plan to matriculate and the department in which they intend to major. Retention standards for candidates for additional bachelor's degrees are based upon the grade point averages for achieving satisfactory standing which are specified for the several levels of course credits completed. Grade point averages are computed solely on the basis of qualitatively graded courses which have been completed at the university for the additional bachelor's degree. The number of course credits completed include those which have been applied from previous bachelor's programs.