BLA Concentration in Theater Arts

The BLA Concentration in Theatre Arts offers students the opportunity to explore the arts of theatre through coursework in acting, directing, playwriting, design, theatre history, and dramatic literature. Concentrators may also participate in the Theatre Arts Program’s productions and internships. The BLA concentration in Theatre Arts requires a minimum of 18 credits, in the following three categories:

Three Foundation Courses (9 credits)

  • ENGL.2330/THEA.2010 Play Analysis / Introduction to Theatre
  • THEA.2300 Foundations of Theatrical Design
  • THEA.2610 Acting 1 

Production Experience Requirement (3 credits)

  • THEA.3110 Play Production

Two 3000-4000 Level Electives (6 credits)

  • ENGL.3040 Creative Writing: Playwriting
  • ENGL.3440 Women in Theatre
  • ENGL.3480 Modern American Drama
  • ENGL.3590 Contemporary World Drama
  • ENGL.3600 Medieval & Renaissance Theatre
  • ENGL.3620 Modern Drama
  • ENGL.3630 English Renaissance Drama
  • ENGL.3640 African-American Drama
  • ENGL.3820 Theatre History I
  • ENGL.3830 Theatre History II
  • ENGL.4230 Shakespeare I
  • ENGL.4240 Shakespeare II
  • THEA.3400 Directing Workshop
  • THEA.4010 Topics in Theatre
  • THEA.4930 Practicum in Theatre