BLA Concentration in Cultural Studies

The BLA Concentration in Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary field that explores the ways in which meaning is produced and disseminated through various social practices, beliefs, rituals, institutions, arts and social structures. It examines the daily activities of people in a given cultural, the use they make of particular objects, the meanings they ascribe to or derive from particular images and forms of expression.

As an interdisciplinary field, Cultural Studies draws from work in many areas, including critical theory (literary, political, and social), history and art history, gender studies, film studies, museum studies, media and communication studies, and ethnic studies to frame questions and analyze cultural phenomena.

Required Courses

A minimum of 6 courses in Cultural Studies.

  • 3 Cultural Studies courses at the 3000-4000 level
  • 3 Cultural Studies courses at any level

Please refer to course listing in undergraduate catalog for a complete list of Cultural Studies courses.