Arabic Studies Minor

The Arabic Studies Minor introduces students to critical approaches to the study of Islam, Muslim societies and cultures of the Middle East. The goal of this interdisciplinary minor in the humanities and social sciences is to broaden and deepen students’ understanding of Arabic societies and cultures in order to meet the demands of business, government and academia for skilled specialists in the language, culture, history and politics of the Middle East.

A minor in Arabic Studies consists of 18 to 24 credits (6 to 8) courses, at least two courses at the 3000 level from the section of electives, including the following requirements:

Required Language Courses 

  • WLAR.1150 Arabic 1 and Culture
  • WLAR.1160 Arabic 2 and Culture
  • WLAR.2150 Arabic 3 and Culture
  • WLAR.2160 Arabic 4 and Culture


Students may take 2 to 4 courses from the list below, two of which (6 credits) must be at the 3000 level or above.

  • ARHI.3020 Studies in World Art
  • HIST.3930 History of the Middle East and Islamic World
  • HIST.3931 Empire and Resistance in the Modern Middle East
  • PHIL.2960 Intro to World Religions 
  • PHIL.3280 Justice, Trauma and War
  • PHIL.3400 Mysticism: East and West
  • PHIL.3450 World Philosophies
  • PHIL.3730 Arabic and Islamic Philosophy
  • POLI.3340 Islam and Politics
  • POLI.3680 Middle Eastern Politics
  • POLI.3870 Politics of International Organization
  • POLI.3890 Politics and Terrorism 
  • POLI.4020 Women in Islam 
  • POLI.4060 Research Seminar: Middle East Politics
  • POLI.4460 The Politics of Discord between the Arab East and the West
  • SOCI.2340 Study of Minorities 
  • WLAR.4940 Directed Study in Arabic 
For more information and/or to declare a minor in Arabic Studies, please contact George Chigas, Department of World Languages and Cultures, Coburn Hall or email