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Sound Recording Technology Minor

The Music Department offers the collaboratively-designed Sound Recording Technology minor exclusively for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science majors. This minor is designed to assist in the development of qualified individuals to enter the recording industry as maintenance technicians (for recording studios, television and radio stations, equipment distributors, video houses, sound reinforcement and systems design companies) and careers in audio engineering research and development.

The sequence of study focuses on providing the student with practical knowledge of the function and usage of audio and video equipment, equipment maintenance and design theories and applications, theory of audio equipment, and basic music skills. The student is introduced to artistic concepts and applications of audio and music synthesis and production, while being taken through advanced concepts in audio theory.

The minor culminates with a research project in hardware design, including the building of a prototype of the design project.

For Computer Science Majors

Required Courses

  • MUTH.1100 Basic Music Theory
  • MUTH.1200 Musicianship and Analysis Keyboard Lab
  • MUSR.3100 Introduction to Recording
  • MUSR.3600 Critical & Analytical Listening
  • MUSR.3900 Acoustics & Psychoacoustics
  • MUSR.4110 Audio Theory
  • MUSR.4200 Sound Synthesis 1

Elective Courses

Choose one from the following:

  • MUSR.3500 Video Production
  • MUSR.4210 Sound Synthesis 2
  • MUSR.4300 Computer Applications in Music
  • MUSR.4500 The Recording Industry

For additional information contact the Department of Music.