Bachelor of Music with Emphasis in Music Business

The Bachelor of Music Business degree program combines extensive training in various aspects of the exciting and ever-changing music industry, with our innovative music performance curriculum. In courses taught by experienced industry professionals, students will focus on a variety of industry sectors such as management, marketing, entrepreneurship, publishing and licensing, record and concert promotion, new media, music products, and arts administration. Our program is designed to prepare students for successful professional careers, whether in long-established pathways, or by developing bold, new ideas and approaches to connecting music to audiences.


The Internship experience is an important bridge between academic preparation and career development. The student must have completed all required courses and is expected to have acquired the necessary knowledge to be successful in the Music Business Industry. Students undertake an Internship at a professional firm involved in some facet of the Music Industry.

Additional Information

Additional regulations and policies regarding the Internship are available in the Music Business Student Handbook distributed to each student enrolled in the Bachelor of Music with Emphasis in Music Business program.

General Requirements for Retention and Graduation

Minimum grade point requirements must be maintained in order to continue as a Music Business major. At the conclusion of each semester students will input their courses and grade information into the computerized Declaration of Intent to Graduate Form and present the disk and a printed copy along with a transcript to their advisor. Grade point averages and completed course information will be used to select appropriate future courses. The Declaration of Intent to Graduate Form Program will automatically calculate the grade point average for the three areas of concern: Music Courses, Music Business Courses and total Grade Point Average. The minimum grade point requirements are as follows:

  • Music Courses - 2.5000
  • Music Business Courses - 3.000
  • Cumulative Grade Point Avg. - 2.500 

Students must repeat any Music Business course in which they received a grade less than a C-.

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