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Economics Department

Mission Statement

The Economics Department at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is guided by multiple interconnected missions to enhance the university’s commitment to excellence. The first is to equip Economics majors for success in the job market and to prepare them for acceptance into quality graduate programs in economics, finance, business, public policy and law school. The second is to conduct and disseminate high quality research within the discipline of economics and also research that combines economics with other disciplines in creative interdisciplinary ways. The third is to provide sound economic literacy and decision making skills to students from a variety of disciplines, many of whom only take our introductory classes and do not go on to become Economics majors or minors.

Overview/ Description

The Economics Department provides students with the conceptual and analytical tools needed to make efficient choices in a world of finite resources and infinite wants. Students learn the principles of economics in our introductory courses.  In our upper division courses, students apply those principles to decision making problems faced by families, firms, and government agencies in a global market-based economy.  All of our courses emphasize the development of critical thinking skills necessary to be “world ready” and “work ready.”

The Economics Department offers a major leading to the BA degree and a minor area of studies.

For additional information, visit the Department of Economics website.