Art Minor

The Art minor is designed for students who focus on painting and sculpture.

A minor in Art consists of 18-24 credits selected in accordance with the following specifications: 15-21 credits must be completed in Studio Art elective courses and at least one Aesthetics and Critical Studies course. Two courses of the minor must be at the 3000-level or above.

The Art minor’s 18-24 credits must be selected in accordance with the following specifications:

Required Core Courses (6 credits)

Art Concepts I (for 2D concentration) / Art Concepts II (for 3D concentration)
Drawing I

Three Art Studio Courses (9 credits) 

Art Concepts II
Digital Foundations
ARTS.1560Drawing II
ARTS.2010Form and Content
ARTS.2350Sculpture I
ARTS.2420The Language of Video
ARTS.2560Drawing III
ARTS.2610Photography I
ARTS.2660Alternative Photo Processes
ARTS.2700Figure Drawing
ARTS.2710Painting I
ARTS.27202D Animation I
ARTS.2730Water Media
ARTS.2760Intro 3D Modeling & Animation
ARTS.2810Introduction to Game Design
ARTS.2950Studio Workshop Abroad
ARTS.2960Character and Layout Design
ARTS.3320Ceramics II
ARTS.3350Sculpture II
ARTS.3450Sonic Arts
ARTS.3451Audio Production
ARTS.3610Photography II
ARTS.3670Printmaking II
ARTS.3710Painting II
ARTS.3730Professional Studio Photography
ARTS.3780Interactive Media II
ARTS.3820Art & Design of Data Visualization
ARTS.4350Sculpture III
ARTS.4710Painting III
ARTS.4910Advanced Studio
ARTS.4940Directed Studies
ARTS.4950Advanced Tutorial

One Aesthetics or Art History Course (3 credits)

20th Century Art
AEST.2250History of Photography
AEST.2310Aesthetics and Critical Studies Seminar
AEST.2800From Collective to Per. Aesth.
AEST.2990Art/Aest/Crit Stud 200 Electives
Contemporary Art and Culture
AEST.3600Aesthetics and Critical Studies of Graphic Design
AEST.3610Aesthetics and Critical Studies of New Media
AEST.3800Understanding Movies: Cinema as Social Commentary
AEST.3990Art/Aest/Crit Stud 300 Electives
AEST.4900Aesthetics and Critical Studies Seminar
AEST.4940Directed Study in Aesthetic Concepts
AEST.4960Practicum Experience in Aesthetic Concepts
AEST.4990Art/Aest/Crit Stud 400 Electives
ARHI.2030History of Art I: Prehistoric to Medieval Art
ARHI.2040History of Art II: Renaissance to Modern Art
ARHI.2060History of Architecture
ARHI.2110Nineteenth Century Art
ARHI.2210Twentieth Century Art
ARHI.2250History of Picturing
ARHI.2310Greek and Roman Art
ARHI.3000Art History, Music and Culture
ARHI.3020Studies In World Art
ARHI.3130American Art
ARHI.3140American Architecture
ARHI.3150Modern Architecture
ARHI.3210Italian Renaissance Art
ARHI.3300Italian Mannerism
ARHI.3310Asian Art
ARHI.3320Baroque Art in Italy
ARHI.3400Women and Art
ARHI.3450Pre-Raphaelite Art
ARHI.3500Post Modernism
ARHI.3520Contemporary Art and Culture
ARHI.3530History of Public Art in the Modern Era
ARHI.3600Museum Issues
ARHI.3700Art History and Film
ARHI.4910Art History Seminar