Course Listings

Following are links to the course listings for the university's undergraduate Essential Learning Outcomes:

  • Diversity and Cultural Awareness (DCA): Be a thoughtful, aware citizen of the global community. DCA course listing
  • Information Literacy (IL): Find, evaluate, and synthesize information effectively and persuasively. IL course listing
  • Social Responsibility and Ethics (SRE): Shape the world to improve life in your community and beyond. SRE course listing
  • Written and Oral Communication (WOC): Express ideas to professional peers with purpose and clarity. WOC course listing
  • Quantitative Literacy (QL): Be skilled in the many forms and varieties of numerical analysis. QL course listing
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (CTPS): Evaluate ideas and evidence rationally to produce and implement solutions. CTPS course listing
  • Applied and Integrative Learning (AIL): Synthesize knowledge and abilities in meaningful practice. AIL course listing

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