Plastics Engineering

Five-Year BS/MS in Plastics Engineering

The Plastics Engineering Department offers a program of accelerated study in order to encourage outstanding (GPA 3.0 and above) undergraduate students to continue their studies toward a Master of Science degree in Plastics Engineering. Interested students should file a Graduate Application prior to the last day of classes in the final semester as an undergraduate. Applicants for this program are not required to take the Graduate Record Examination.

The student will receive a Bachelor’s degree at the end of the fourth year of study, if all course requirements have been met. Acceptance as a matriculated graduate student is contingent upon the further recommendation of the department graduate committee. Up to six credit(s) of the B.S. degree may be applied to the Graduate Program. As a result, the MS Degree credit requirement drops from 30 to 24 credits for BS/MS Plastics Engineering Thesis Option Students, and from 33 to 27 credits for BS/MS Plastics Engineering Non-Thesis Option Students.

In some cases, an undergraduate student may take additional graduate courses (up to an additional 6 graduate course credits), credits which are not applied to the Bachelor of Science in Plastics Engineering, and apply these to the Master of Science in Engineering. However, no student may transfer more than 12 credits into the Graduate Program.

During the summer preceding the fifth year, the student, if accepted as a matriculated student in the Master's program, may begin his or her thesis research if they are enrolled in the thesis option MS. Students taking full advantage of the combined program ordinarily may expect to finish the M.S. Engineering degree at the end of the fifth year of study. Actual completion will depend upon the student’s progress in the program.

A student seeking a five-year BS/MS Plastics Engineering degree must also meet the requirements for a Plastics Engineering Certificate as their area of specialization. Approved graduate certificates include:

  • plastics materials
  • plastics processing
  • plastics design
  • elastomers
  • medical plastics design & manufacturing
  • sustainable plastics materials and additives
  • commercial development

Refer to the Graduate Catalog for a detailed listing of the courses required for each graduate certificate.

A student may be eligible for financial assistance, i.e., fellowships and teaching assistantships, during the fifth year of study, but acceptance of such assistance and the attendant responsibilities may delay the completion of the program beyond the period specified in the preceding paragraph.