Electrical and Computer Engineering Mission Statement

The ECE Department mission for undergraduate education is to provide a thorough grounding in electrical science, electrical engineering, and computer engineering, together with an intensive training in mathematics.  The techniques of experimental science and technology are emphasized through investigative laboratory work and classroom lecture/demonstrations.

The curriculum includes engineering science and design courses that provide a balanced view of hardware, software, application trade-off and the basic modeling techniques used to represent the computing process, and include the following student experiences: requirements analysis and specification, evaluation and testing, hardware-software integration, use of computer aided design tools and documentation. Such experiences are integrated throughout the curriculum and designed to encourage each student to engage in a major and meaningful design experience. An important aspect of the electrical and computer engineering curricula is the technical elective program of the senior year. Technical electives provide opportunities for broadening or deepening technical knowledge in a flexible manner and according to student interests and competencies. New tracks with a focus in computing skills as well as double majors in EE and Computer Science and EE and Physics are also offered. The capstone project is organized to bring together knowledge from several courses toward solving a real-world engineering problem. The ECE Department has also linked with many local companies, both large and small, in order to offer co-op opportunities for which course credit can be earned.

A significant portion of the curriculum is also devoted to studies in the humanities and social sciences and considerable choice of subjects is allowed. These subjects broaden the student's outlook and serve to focus attention on the importance of non-technical knowledge in determining the student's ultimate level of responsibility in professional life.