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ECE Policy


The Electrical & Computer Engineering  Department offers double majors in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering/Physics provided the students adhere to the following university policy.


  1. ALL curriculum requirements in Engineering must be satisfied.
  2. Must inform both Departments/Colleges by the start of the junior year.
  3. Must submit a program for approval by the Departments involved.
  4. The Dean or Deans in the case of a double major involving two colleges must approve a declaration of a second major.
  5. Must file the approved declaration of a second major with the Office of Enrollment Services.
  6. Students may not present less than 57 credits outside the two major fields in order to satisfy the minimum degree requirements of 120 credits.
  7. Students are candidates for only one degree in one College. They must choose which degree they want; if they do not it will be the degree for which they originally enrolled.