Graduate Programs in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Graduate programs include the degrees of Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSE in EE), Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSE in CPE) and Doctor of Engineering. Flexibility is the hallmark of these degree programs. They require 3 core courses and permit specialization in one of several concentration areas. The Doctor of Engineering program requires a research dissertation and some additional technical and engineering management courses. Several certificate programs are also offered to provide an opportunity for part-time students to be exposed to developments in this field.

This information is offered for general guidance. It interprets information in the UMass-Lowell Graduate Catalog. Specific applications of requirements in the Graduate Catalog may differ from case to case. The Department also offers several certificate programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Certificate programs are offered in the areas such photonics, telecommunication, energy conversion, biomedical engineering and VLSI and microelectronics.