Business Administration Minor for Civil & Environmental Engineering

The Business Administration Minor for Civil & Environmental Engineering is a program delivered by the College of Management.  It consists of a focused set of 5 courses plus two courses already in the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) core program, of which two may be used as CEE senior year Professional electives.  The net additional course work (over and above the 128 credits needed for the CEE degree) is three courses (some of which may be taken during the summer). 

This Minor provides management training which is very desirable in industry, and allows an easy transition into a later MBA program. 

For students in Civil & Environmental Engineering, the following courses are required in the Business Administration Minor:

  • 49.201 Economics I (already in CEE core)
  • 60.201 Accounting/Financial *
  • 61.301 Business Finance *
  • 62.201 Marketing Principles
  • 66.301 Organizational Behavior * (may be used as a CEE Professional Elective)
  • 14.372 Civil Engineering Systems (already in CEE core)
  • 14.475 Construction Management (CEE Professional Elective)

Courses marked with an asterisk * are available during the summer or on-line.

To enroll in this Minor, students need to file a Declaration of Minor form with the College of Management before registering for 300 level courses, and indicate their intention to pursue this Minor with their CEE Faculty Advisor.  Immediately after registering for the final courses which complete the minor, the student should file an academic petition, indicating approval by the College of Management, with the Office of Enrollment Services.

This Minor differs from the "regular" Minor in Business Administration offered by the College of Management in that 14.372 Civil Engineering Systems is used in lieu of one of the CoM electives, and 14.475 Construction Management is used in lieu of an MIS course.