Civil & Environmental Engineering

Allowable Course Substitutions

The UMass Lowell Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering allows certain courses to be substituted for an equivalent course listed. 

UMass Lowell CoursesPermissible Substitution
25.107 Introduction to Engineering IAny computer programming or intro. to computer course, 91.101 Computing
25.108 Introduction to Engineering IIAny computer aided drafting course
14.203 Statics22.211 Statics
14.204 Strength of Materials22.212 Mechanics of Materials
14.205 Dynamics22.213 Dynamics
14.286 Probability & Statistics for Engineers92.386 Probability &Statistics I; a course in statistics
14.225 Surveying15.123 Surveying I
92.236 Engineering Differential Equations92.234 Differential Equations
14.301 Fluid Mechanics10.303 Fluid Mechanics: 22.381 Fluid Mechanics
49.201 Economics I49.202 Economics II
10.347 Elements of  Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer22.242 Thermodynamics; 26.247 Elements of Thermodynamics
16.213 Fundamentals of Electricity I10.205 Fundamentals of Electricity; 16.211 Fundaments of Electricity I; 95.144 Physics II
14.470 Engineering Economics23.414 Engineering Economics