Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering with Paper Option

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers an option in Paper Engineering, in which courses are taught on paper processing and paper and paper-like materials. The option requires three Paper Engineering courses and one elective course within the Basic Chemical Engineering curriculum.

As the demand for paper and paper products continues to grow, concerns about deforestation and waste have prompted legislation at both the state and federal levels requiring minimum recycle fiber contents in many consumer grades of paper. There is a particular interest in exploring the expanded use of recycled cellulose waste fibers in commercial and industrial products and in the evaluation of the properties of paper and paper products. The Department has nationally recognized expertise in determining recycled fiber content and in testing and evaluating paper and paper-like materials.

The Paper Engineering Option consists of four courses that are designed to give chemical  engineers training in the processing and testing of paper and paper-like materials in order to prepare them for work in the paper industry.  One technical elective is required and must be selected from the following courses:           

Elective Courses (Select one of the following)         

  • 10.402  Engineering Analysis of Coating & Converting Systems   
  • 10.541  Nanocharacterization by SEM, TEM and AFM      
  • XX.XXX  Approved Technical Elective