Chemical Engineering

Nuclear Science and Engineering Minor

The Nuclear Engineering Option consists of a sequence of four courses that are specifically designed to give a traditional chemical engineer concentrated training in a variety of nuclear technologies. The course selection integrates the key nuclear-related subjects usually taken as part of an undergraduate degree program in Nuclear Engineering. The four course sequence is designed to be taken during the junior and senior years, one course per semester. These courses satisfy the technical and Chemical Engineering elective requirements in the curriculum. One technical elective is required and must be selected from the following list of courses. 

Elective Courses (Select one of the following)

  • 24.432  Nuclear Systems Design and Analysis   
  • 24.436  Undergraduate Directed Studies       
  • 95.422  Environmental Radiation and Nuclear Site Criteria  
  • 98.306  Nuclear Instrumentation  
  • 24.505  Reactor Physics 
  • 24.506  Special Topics in Reactor Physics  
  • 24.507  Reactor Engineering and Safety 
  • 24.509  System Dynamics (with nuclear projects)        
  • 24.511  Advanced Reactor Concepts       
  • 24.514  Chemical and Nuclear Waste 
  • 85.585  Nuclear Chemistry 
  • 95.441  Radiochemistry