Chemical Engineering, Concentration in Engineered Materials

The Engineered Materials Concentration allows the student to develop a  specialization in a particular area. The concentration begins with the survey course 10.308 Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering, which is required for all Chemical Engineering juniors, and is followed by four  additional courses. Courses must be selected to cover at least three areas of specialization. The four courses for the concentration satisfy the technical and Chemical Engineering elective requirements in the curriculum. 

Required Courses

  • 10.405 Design of Paper 
  • 10.506 Interfacial Science and Engineering and Colloids    OR 
  • 10.527 Nanomaterials Science and Engineering
Elective Courses (Select two of the following) 
  • 10.501 Paper Ind. and Proc. Analysis
  • 10.523 Nanodevices and Electronic Materials 
  • 10.525 Construction and Use of Packaging Materials 
  • 10.533 Macromolecular Science and Engineering
  • 10.541 Nanocharacterization by SEM, TEM and AFM 
  • 16.470 VLSI Fabricating with Lab 
  • 26.543 Survey of Plastic Materials  
  • 26.544 Survey of Plastics Materials II